Three Poems

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  1. I wrote these poems for English class and I didn't think they were any good, but I'd like to get the opinions of Empire. So here are a few:

    A Lonesome Night
    Three stars trail the crescent,
    on a lonesome night of May.
    As we race down the town,
    the leaves quiver beneath the crying wind.
    The sky a cerulean blue,
    entwined with a smoky grey,
    the air cooling,
    as we pass the grassy fields.
    Whisps of cloud linger over,
    shadowing the moon,
    but still it glows this lonesome night.

    In the Night
    As water pours down,
    rain drifts along with the wind,
    howling against night.

    Promising Petals
    Your petals pure in soul,
    unraveling to the song of the wind,
    to the blaze of warmth,
    to the downfall of rain,
    and deepening roots.
  2. I really liked these poems. I love writing poems myself.
    It's good to know that someone else shares their poems too.
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  3. Oh, thanks :) I'm sure yours are great too!
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  5. Thanks! I hope You liked. But as I said they are not like "BEST POEM EVUR"... But I appreciate You liked!
  6. 10/10 would read it again :D gg Kuby. Mrs. B will proud.
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  7. Here's another poem I've written,

    I wish not to be forgotten;
    not to be downcasted in stifling waves.
    But to be with,
    no longer a whisp.
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  8. I occasionally do a little writing myself. It is great to see somebody else's, your poems are very well written, thank you for sharing with us all.
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  9. I love it! Simply love it!!!
    Speaking of which... I should start writing some poems too...
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  10. I was sifting through old stuff and found this one,

    Barefoot throughout the soil,
    a heart yearns to go.
    With a knapsack tied and close,
    the soul goes.
    Turns the pedals,
    spins the spokes,
    off it goes.
    Through the water,
    through the flames.
    Weary limbs, jaunting on.
    Dazed by allure,
    this being stops still.
    What was fiery,
    turns to streams
    and weeps.
    Having ventured,
    a heart yearns to go home.
  11. Normally, I'm not particularly fond of reading poetry, but I love your three. :)
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  12. Me too. I just don't know... Your magic with words just makes me love poems even more!
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  13. Emc Newbie Poem
    I want all te ruppppes!
    I want more.
    And the player snores
    The End. (its so bad ;-) )
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  14. Got another one!

    Peering out the window, I sit on my stool and wait.
    It sometimes snows, it sometimes rains.
    I see the world go past, as I long for better days.
    Imagining how things will be,
    my lips turn into a smile.
    Perhaps, one day my dreams will be.
    But for now, I sit on my stool and wait.
  15. Leaves once green,
    are swept off the trees.

    A single gust of Nature's breath,
    scatters them to the streets.
  16. I love them!! And it is awesome we can share our poems!! Great job and keep it up!! :)
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