What was Life Meant to Be?

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Ever Wondered What Life Was Meant to Be?

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No 5 vote(s) 13.2%
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  1. Today I was taking a walk on the street, and this poped up in my head.
    Life... Such a simple word that brings so many subjects and meanings.
    So i wrote this. I hope you all like what I have to share here today!

    What was Life Meant to Be?

    Was Life Meant to be a Game?
    Was Life Meant to be a Responsibility
    Was Life Meant to be a Thing to Guard and Look After?
    Was Life Meant to be a Bound Between all Humanity?
    Was Life Meant to be a Environment to Share and Prosper?
    Perhaps Life Means All of That;
    Perhaps Life is and will be, Humanity's Greatest Concept Ever Lived On,
    A Concept so Complex and so Present in our lifes,
    But a Concept that No One Quite Understands;
    The Largest Experiment that Humanity Ever Had,
    The Largest Experiment We will Never Stop Experimenting On;
    The Constitution of Existence,
    The Ultimate Beam of Hope,
    The Last Frontier of the Soul.

    "Life (lif) adj. 1. The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence."

  2. That was deep man. Really deep.
    You can go a long way with this kind of thoughs.
  3. Sweet, made me think alot. I mean, I'm gonna go a little deeper here...

    Why are we here? What is our meaning? Just to grow up then end? Do we really have a goal in life? Maybe you want to Graduate school, done, then what? Ok then maybe you want to get a job, then what? Then maybe you want to raise children, then what? This though always comes to my head, I suggest you all watch this video, It's pretty interesting and makes you think a lot

    (Watch it all to understand it)
  4. Thats what this post was meant to be. This post was meant for people think and reflect about it.
    I appreciate your opinion!
  5. Is a game meant be be a life ?

    Oh, And, Dont grow up, its a trap ! :D
  6. It's a trap that no person on earth can avoid.
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  7. So many theories that can easily make you paranoid about reality that relate to this subject lol
  8. Ever since I understood the book "Tuesdays with Morrie", I have experienced thoughts of my self-worth/value, including if my life was worth living. Yes, I can use my deep knowledge about it to help other people, but I can get mentally hurt in the process.
    Analyzing the purpose of the live of myself and/or others often lowers my self-esteem and demotivates me to continue my own life or to care for other lives. I enjoy making a difference, but I'll never experience all the joy and other emotions I create.

    Here is an example of a life lessons I can provide::)

    "For me and you to succeed our ultimate quest in life, it is our duty as humans to motivate each other to continue living until our deaths and to have a legacy that future generations can maintain and progress on."

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  9. (Just not to get so boring)
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  10. I refuse to believe that we live, die, and then nothing happens. That would be pointless.
  11. Agreed. I think life is about making your own way and traveling thru your own road. And at the end you can look back and say, It was worth it.
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  12. indeed it is a funny subject. i have always thought about it too... my parents always said that we lived and died and nothing happened... but i don't believe that. life is much more. is all about experiencing new stuff and co-existing with other people.
  13. We don't know, maybe there's a different world for us to live in once we die, or maybe we come back as something else, maybe a plant or an animal. No one knows really...
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  14. Thats an interesting theory if you ask me. But yeah, no one really knows. The only thing that we are certain of is that someday we will die. And it is weird to think about it... It is really weird.
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  15. Life is meant to be a pleasure to God :)
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  16. All I know is that life is an experience. If we're only here once then I want to enjoy life. I do think quite a lot about why we are here, what may happen after death and so on, sometimes I even over-think a lot.
    But, I also believe in this; life can't just end and there would be nothing after it. I can't imagine having no feeling, no mind. Something else surely has to happen... But I just don't know.
  17. We flatter ourselves, in believing we have a purpose for our existence like we have to protect something or its a responsibility, we are restricting ourselves from writing our own destiny and purpose.
    Yet by believing for ourselves what we are meant to do we find goals for our lives and what keeps us going everyday is our need to fulfil them.

    Really good poem...:D I'm not even sure what I wrote made sense but anyway....
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  18. It depends on what one does with it.

    One can waste life, and nothing will happen.
    One can misuse life and disaster will happen.
    One can fulfill life and life will happen.

    One's life is measured only in other's life.
    One can only live in the life of others.
    One's life in others does not die when one dies.


    “Gilgamesh,” said Siduri, “ no mortal human being can learn that secret. When gods created people and gave them the Earth, they granted Death on them too. This is their destiny, this is the price they pay for the happiness to be alive. So live, enjoy your life, make every day, every hour a feast. Look at the fruits of this vine, pick up the grapes, squeeze out the juice and taste it. Wear embroidered clothes that catch the eye, bathe in fresh water. Have children, rejoice at them running, and teach them to shoot with bow and hit the game with arrows. They will be your immortality, Gilgamesh. And you have to learn how to leave that happiness when the time comes.”
    (ca. 2100 BC - oldest saved texts)
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  19. The meaning of it is to keep our species going for as many millions of years possible until a mass extinction happens, or another species of human/animal/whatever wipes us out, like we've done to many of before.

    Life was an... 'accident'. A 'side-effect' of the Earth (and possibly Mars and Venus too, but they lost their atmosphere) being so perfect for life to thrive. I like to believe the theory that we came to Earth from Mars through panspermia.
    I think of this pretty much everyday - because I'm afraid of death, like every other animal intelligent enough to know it happens (most animals run away from threats because their brain tells them too). I'd like to know what happens to me after this. I'm pretty comfortable in believing your consciousness shifts to another animal, possibly on a different planet - or another universe. Or gets stored somewhere, if the universe is indeed a simulation :p