this might be to late but i may have been scammed when i first came to emc

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  1. i was new to emc and had like a small farm. I met (name removed) (who is now (name removed)) at her shop and said she had a business so i agreed but i didnt know about forums yet. so i asked for like stuff that cost less than 10k altogether. She said to put my 400k event items in the chest. (i think it was the 400k event) i had at least 2 stacks of bottle oh chanting and 3 stacks of emeralds plus a maxarian head. She said to put the stuff in my chest and i would get the stuff i wanted. i only asked for stuff that cost less than 10k. i was still new and didnt know what promos were or even their prices. so i asked for like some Oak wood if i put the stuff in. so i got my stuff. (this was all before (name removed) got banned for a while)
  2. I've removed the names of the player in your public post. Please pm the staff at and we can look into this further without dragging another player's name into a public accusation.

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  3. Well, perhaps you should've done some more research into what you were giving her, then, if you'd rather have it still.
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  4. like i said i didnt know about forums
  5. Well, too bad. I hope you'll be able to get some other cool stuff at an event in the future, then.
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  6. If a new player comes from anither server, they may not be used to EMC unique items. For example in many servers /kit is available so they may think that promos in EMC are replenishable(as kits in other servers) i do not know his background, so maybe this was the case. Also in other servers colorful named items are relatively common, in EMC they are special and valuable. That might also affect players on how to handle promos wisely
  7. nope never is it ok if i can lsit the most played server i used to play on so much
  8. While that's true, it's also obvious (if Bacon's side of the story is basically accurate) that whoever did this was exploiting a new player, and that's still unethical. This stuff cannot happen if we are going to continue to have a thriving community — it creates anger and drives away new players.

    Maybe Bacon should've done his homework a bit more, and paid more attention to the tutorial. However, whoever did this still should've helped him, not exploited him. Mercy and empathy are way more important than rupees.
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  9. ok now that i remember yeah its the color thing
  10. Yup, true. It's not very nice of the person who set up the trade, and it's a shame for NTS_Bacon.
    However, unless she gave misinformation (like saying the Maxarian head is easily available by killing Momenti or something), I don't think the person who Bacon's talking about should be punished for the trade.
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  11. I'm confident the mods will sort it out, as I'm sure you are too.

    I wanted to make sure that no one gets the idea in their head that this behavior on the part of whomever did this to Bacon is acceptable, regardless of the punishment.
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  12. Sorry for your loss of items, no one likes getting tricked or scammed out of their items, if your ever in doubt about something like that again ask a staff member or well known member.

    You can only talk about or advertise a server if it is an EMC server, you are not allowed to advertise other servers
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  13. Sorry that someone has scammed you, it is indeed not fun. It's sad that some people decide to take advantage of new players :(
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  14. D: sorry that you were scammed Bacon.

    Sending a Maxarian Head and exp bottles your way (got no emeralds sorry)
    Please be wise with future decisions though ;)
  15. ok thanx
    The head makes me look creepy me keepy for sursy
  16. i can send youa couple emeralds, i dont have many though
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  17. The only thing I'm puzzled about is how a new player gets hold of 400k event items. So multiple ones, considering that the event only gave 1 away. I honestly think we shouldn't jump to conclusions here and let the staff handle this. Because, with all due respect, we're hearing 1 side of this story right now.
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  18. maybe its an alt account? He ddint even bother changing the skin from steve so...
  19. Uh? No, it didn't only give one away. :confused: You were able to claim 10 chests!
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