This just feels SOOO right!

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  1. Look at that. Starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  2. Because February is 28 days = 4 weeks, so you could literally not include February in the year and still get the same result.
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  3. This feels extemely fitting for this occasion for some reason...

    EDIT: Put it in a spoiler because it kind of strains the eyes after a while...
  4. The apparent fact of February Sky has depicted is only minor to me. For others like them, it might be more important to them.
  5. Yeah, um... that's pretty normal, right? :p
  6. The only problem is that a week starts on monday :p
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  7. Not on the Empire ;)

    Then those start as soon as you log on and end when... well... I haven't quite been able to figure out that part; when you log off again I suppose :D
  8. Since when? :confused:
  9. Since like, forever? :3

    Well, they do where I come from (All Hail Mighty LittleLand)
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  10. Oooh, LittleLand!

    Does that require a visa to visit? ;)
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  11. Not for everyone. Jewish and Christian people regard Sunday as the start of the week :)
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  12. I'll smuggle you across the border ;)
  13. Yeah, I believe the week starts on Monday in some places, but in the U. S., where EMC is based, it is a Sunday-started week. :)
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  14. Sunday just feels like it should be the start of the week.
    • Sunday just has that "Beginning of the week" feel for me.
    • I like that there is 1 day off of school, 5 days of school, then 1 day off of school. (Sunday, Mon-Fri, Saturday) because it is symmetrical.
    We need a poll on this. Making one now.
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  15. A Poll would just be Europe vs. 'Murica, wouldn't it? ^^

    Monday has that start of the week feel for me, "ugh, back to school"
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  16. *Europe vs America vs Spanish speaking countries
  17. Monday is the first day of a week here in England, you spend your whole work week looking forward to the weekend - Saturday AND Sunday :p
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  18. Hola
    Derp derpidy derp derp de derp
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  19. Oh, EMC. You remind me once again how ambiguous, relative, and subjective the world can be.

    I understand that the Babylonians observed a seven day week. They thought the last day of the week was unlucky. The Jews thought it was a day of rest. The Romans used an eight day week and I've heard used the eighth day for shopping. There was a time when the French used 10 days. The Russians once used 5 and 6. The Mayans used months and days but not weeks in their calendars.

    From my life's perspective, the world started on a Wednesday in 1962. The first hour of the day isn't after midnight. It is when I first wake up. I had a laptop once with a bad battery that always thought it was 1980 when it woke up. According to Microsoft, the world started on January 1, 1900, which was a Monday.

    As long as we are talking about "standards", I should mention that the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 8601 standard has about as many implementations as there are countries which makes it sort of an oxymoron.

    In the end we are taking time, which is arguably linear, then arbitrarily chopping it up into cycles based on the rate with which our planet circles around its star then assigning activities based on how many cycles we have counted from a starting point. Arguing about where the cycle begins or ends seems about as funny to me as debating the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pin.
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  20. I can only think "The Chicken or The Egg" now :p
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