This is why you don't take AverageWalrus's advice.

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  1. #MakeAmericaAverageAgain

    He wants to create the Great Wallrus of America!

    EDIT: I really hope you appreciate the Walrus Wall pun.
  2. Looks amazing
  3. Wow looks cool where is that?
  4. When this is answered, I love the texture pack. It would be hilarious to have this as a chest.
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  5. Lol yes it would
  6. That's umm... Something.
  7. I'm thinking The Nether.
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  8. I literally just spat out my Drink in laughter at this thread
  9. I'm a Fire-type and WHAT IS THIS

    also, blue fire is so Aether Mod.

    I CAN'T
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  10. I laughed so loud my parents had a go at me for it. I showed them and I swear my mom said 'Did we raise this child?'.
  11. How did you do this, it looks amazing :eek:
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  12. For the first one, I stuck walrus's face on the iron bars texture. For the second one, well, you can figure that out. :p
  13. Obey the Walrus

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  14. Im just gonna leave this here
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  15. I can't tell if that picture has a walrus or a crying slime that ate too much red dirt.
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  16. Without the tusks, that would be a horrifying creature.
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