this is horrifying ..

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  1. i can't even BEGIN to tell you how i feel right now after watching this..
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  2. if i find anymore on this topic, i'll be posting it here, and please, don't hesitate to post anything you've seen either.

    if all of this is true, ... we are in big trouble.
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  3. Holy crap, that was weird. Things like this affirm my decision not to trust official news stories or anything the government says. Edit: I would also like to point out that the government is using this event to try to ban violent video games.
  4. It lines right up with their agenda. I find it sick that the government would use something like this just to get +1s for their side.
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  5. its just so disgusting.. i don't even want to live on this planet... lol
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  6. I have noticed that the government always uses major events to further their agenda at the time (the sinking of The Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Sandy Hook shooting, and there are probably other examples I cannot think of).
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  7. The sinking of the Lusitania!
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  8. I was just reading some of the youtube comments, and one of the comments says that the Vatican is behind it all...
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  10. Of course.
    That pesky Pope.....
  11. ... I don't even have words for this.
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  12. You make the Pope look like a fool. God will smite you. Smite them!... don't worry he's cooking something up...
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  13. ... the pope is a joke. he certainly isn't "god" or a "ruler" of anything.

    we can hope the actual god, sends another flood and rids the world of political/government people. lol
  14. Was I the only one that laughed when that lady tackled the Pope? ...and there is no god ... and this is getting to close to a religion thread; I should not have started this and we should probably stop before jtc0999 sees this...
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  15. *Political Facepalm*
  16. Im only at 9:13 but oh my god
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  17. No, God, I shall smite you, and see how you like it.

    This creeped me out. I really don't know why. But if there was a 2nd or 3rd killer, then they will attack again, and it will be soon.
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  18. I think the point of the video was that the shooting did not actually happen and was staged. Therefore, the other shooters will not attack again.
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  19. Ok, I watched the video. As easily as politicians turn events for their own agendas, so do the conspiracy theorists. Its easy to take a bunch of clips and pictures and put any spin you want on them.

    Do I think the government is getting out of hand, and not doing the jobs we send them there to do? Yes. They spend far to much time playing politics while getting nothing done.
    Do I see a revolution coming - Not likely. The American people are far to lazy.
    How do we fix the problem? It would take a very large coming together of Americans - not in the sense of war. War is not needed. We have a system in place that is perfectly suitable. We just need to make it work for us again. We should vote every politician out of office and start over. Send a clear message that we are no longer willing to accept the games. However, the ability to organize such an event would be astronomical. We would have to have people in place who were worth voting for. It won't happen. Again, Americans are lazy.
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  20. With all the comments I'm too scared to watch :( Can some sum it up please?
    EDIT: Why and how can they do this to us? Why must I shed a tear!