This could change EMC forever......

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  1. I was thinking for a little and I thought.....well what if there could be some way for people to invent different things and sell them to other people but patent them or something. Like for example, make new items that make life on EMC easier. But the materials to create these things cost money and such. It would take a long time but it could but a whole new spin on EMC....just thinking! :D
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  2. Yay so people with a billion rupees can patent troll. +1
  3. I can see it all... *sun shines from the clouds*
    "It's so magical"
    Edit: wheeeeee!!!! Ill patent everything!!! *patents a diode, BUD switch, auto cooker, BACON, rupees, ICECREAM, the empire, auto farms, your life, your gf/bf, your house, your car, your lies, mincraft*
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  4. Not not be mean, but techicnically* speaking it would be a lost cause. Mojang owns minecraft, i can't own anything in it, even if i coded it myself :3
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  5. What kinds of items do you imagine being created, and how could these be represented in minecraft?
    Bear in mind that everything must be within the realms of a standard minecraft client installation, anything requiring players to install mods, or devteam to install and configure plugins to access 'special' features of EMC can't be considered.
    I'm not hating on the idea, just wondering what kind of unique items could be created easily by players outside of the use of tradition anvil/crafting table recipes. :)
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  6. Haha. I failed. Thank you all! :D

    Wont work. xD

    I juts got excited by the idea that there could be business wars of some sort.....kind of like Men Who Built America if any of you have ever seen that.
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  7. There still could be that…if you mean store competition on a massive scale. I doubt monopolies will be able to take off on EMC though. Can't really control other people. This idea of store competition would probably work better and be much easier than your previous patent idea.
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  8. Sorry guys... I've now bought patent for taking on the forums..
  9. XDD Yeah.....
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  10. I have bought a patent for patents.
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  11. I've bough the patent to make patents for patents.
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  12. I made a patent for your signature with 2 missing linked buttons.
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  13. oh god the patent trolling

    "Sorry everyone, I have a patent for shops... and farms... and rupees... and pretty much everything... Good luck though! :D" - everyone with lots of rupees
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  14. I'm investing in a registered copyright on the word "patent."
  15. I've patented thought.
    Please cease infringing on my private property.
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  16. Don't feel bad, it's a good idea, but I don't think it could work in Mine craft :)
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  17. Lawl, thx everyone. xD The EMC community is amazing......when you fail hard.... xD They dont swear at you for eternity...
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  18. I now own you with a patent
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  19. Haha. Endless patent spam
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  20. Surely it would change EMC; but in a good or bad way?
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