Think twice before eggifying

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  1. Think before you eggify any animals. They have souls and lives.
    (btw, this was amazing!)
  3. This video will win all the academy awards. 10/10. +1.
  4. Put this on youtube. This is a great vid man
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  5. This video is in YouTube.
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  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never knew
  7. Why does the cow hate Ice cream...
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  8. I think I am starting to cry...
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  9. Time to eggify ALL the creatures! \(*0*)/
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  10. Incorporate eggification, facilitate reincarnation!
    This is my new official slogan for piggy president!
    Edit: Bad news everyone, I will no longer be running for piggy president because my vice presidential candidate has been eggified.
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  11. Right in the feels man... Right in the feels.
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  12. Nice videos.
    Is there anyway to leave the caption text up a bit longer so i can read it without pausing?
  13. Great work, just fix the insanely quick text... I had to pause the video repeatedly to read it all.
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  14. It was too slow for me... I may just be a super fast reader... read over 2500 pages one weekend...
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  15. I will take that into account for future videos, I threw together this video in only an hour or so because this is a real issue.
  16. Great:) I always wanted to be a pig, but now I know the dangers... I don't want to be eggified! D:
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  17. I think Nick will win more oscars with this than Leonardo DiCaprio
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  18. Reference to UK Election Debate
  19. Great video :)
    Do agree tho, text much too quick
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  20. Re-uploaded video.
    Please tell me if any of the texts are still too fast. :]
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