Things You Do That Make People Hate You

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  1. Things people do that makes you go nuts, or something. For me number 8 or 7 it's the one I hate the most.

    Whats the thing other people do that makes go angry?

    Also side note, this is the first forum thread that I do about year after the last one I did like at the middle of 2015.

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  2. I do so many of those things ;-;
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  3. Oo my emc hates me
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  4. I was worried this thread was dedicated to me. lol
  5. My additions to what makes me "hate" people:
    • Walking in the opposite direction everyone else is
    • Looking at someone's phone while their texting
    • Hating koala's
    • Giving someone a "flat tire" by stepping on the back of someone's shoe
    • Not saying anything when you hold a door open for the other person
    • Leaving your turn signal on MILES after you turned
  6. I hate people who
    Are so obnoxious to where they are walking (e.g blocking the entire path or walking into lamposts :p)
    Talk REALLY loudly in public
    Look at your screen
    Like koala's
    Go really slow
    Are late to everything
  7. Addition #2
    People who make sentences like this one:

  8. You never saw anything
  9. A few things I have to add to 'what makes people hate you'...
    • Everything I do.
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  10. Ya'll need to step it up. My wife says these are some of my most annoying, and that I cannot blame my Aspergers (or Australian as Sens8 calls it) for all of it.

    • Make comments about people as if they are not present.
    • Telling small children, that if they don't behave, I will beat their parents.
    • Telling parents that I remember when children could be in public and not act like savages.
    • I have told women complaining about the heat (during mid summer) that Saw Palmetto is great for Menopause.
    • When watching hockey, I will pause the game when people start talking. Not say anything, then wait till they stop completely before starting again.
    • When at Disneyland, I tell people to move because they are walking to slow or generally in my way. Or photobomb because I am tired of waiting for them to take that perfect picture.
    Those are my top 6 I would say.
    And this is why I usually sit out at my base and not say anything .

    I do this. I will skit or make fun of what they're doing, even if the person has only just walked past me.

    One time that made me laugh is when one of my sister's friends said 'hi' to her and then walked into her mum's car. I thought we were much further than earshot away from her and I scarcastically said 'who's that fittie?'. Most people don't know what my 'sarcasm voice' is so a 15 year old telling his 11 year old sister her friend is fit is probably bad.
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  11. I will do it when you are standing next to me. Things like "Ever notice that Soul always has that odor about him?" Then look at you like you couldn't hear me say it.
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  12. u wot m8
    ill have u know i smell like rose petals & furries fairies
    cheeky skrub
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  13. wow ur basically a jerk...
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  14. Most of the things in the video seem to be more the product of not thinking of others which most of us unintentionally do at times.

    For example, I see a story topper as someone asking for attention. They could also be relating something they have in common with me. Annoying or frustrating maybe, but hate? Save that for acts of malice.

    People who annoy me: People who are easily annoyed. And naggers. Naggers are annoying.
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  15. Most NT's will see it that way. But truth should never be omitted because of politeness.
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  16. I love Danger Dolan <3
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  17. I hate...

    Games that say they're coming out, and then they are delayed...
    When something's promised and then that person doesn't deliver...
    People who can't own up to their mistakes...
    People who make extremely long informative posts but then don't TL;DR so when I read them on my phone I'm scrolling forever...
    When there's a sorting system and somebody comes in and screws it up...
    People who are bad at a game but when they do bad they blame everything else but them...
    People who claim lag, but aren't really lagging...
    People who vape over a Skype call or Teamspeak chat WITHOUT muting... (Seriously if you do this you deserve to be kicked from the call/chat)
    People who pick on other people...

    I also just generally dislike people, like just communicating with them face to face.... -_-
  18. Hey, don't be rude. I actually am not angered by his list, its pretty funny to me "beat their parents" LOL. It just sounds like he's brutally honest to me :p
  19. Brutally honest?! then u should love me! I was honest he, IS A JERK! :) thought I could help u realize that...
    I am annoying to people cuz I quote them and wont stop on minor issue
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