Things I wrote.

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  1. Wonder if I should post my stories.
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  2. That introduction was 'bad' indeed, but at least the writing was good. :p
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  3. That band's all I'm listening to,
    Sweet nostalgia for two-thousand-and-sixteen,
    When the summer was long and she was new,
    Now they're coming back around,
    Had lightning in a bottle,
    Can it strike thrice?

    A mouth of saliva and a stomach of butterflies,
    I don't know what's on its way,
    I just hope it's what it seems,

    A story of chafing balaclavas,
    An old lover's jealousy,
    Figuring hearts out and spiting noses,
    Falling for you,
    Soundtrack of my getting stuck in that hotel room in her heart,
    I hope you can send me back.
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  4. Don't even know if this makes sense, but... I liked it.

    Red Sun
    Saharan dust
    Blanket for the sky
    The Sun's become blood
    The river of Exodus 7:20
    The sky into desert
    Dust storms and hurricanes
    Beautiful ugly climate change
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  5. The buildings were made of bricks and timber - standing in place for a hundred years, throughout the reign of King Edward and all four of his successors, the war his son would oversee and his grandson afterwards. Others were modern, big walls of glass with white stone as frames. Black Taxi cabs zoomed through the brown cobbled streets, and big red double decker buses groaned after them. The black clouds above floated with quick pace, spitting cold rain down from above. In the distance, skyscrapers did exactly as their name suggested they would. The air was filled with rush hour hustle and bustle; the chatterings of multiple different dialects and languages and accents, the cars, the buses, the taxis, the trains below, the crackle of the thunder above. Men and women hurried by, umbrellas above their heads, large coats adorned over their bodies, all rushing to get to work, to get home. They swarmed the streets like ants. For a moment, the streets were clean of bodily crimson, the noise was the pure sound of the regular hustle and bustle of the city, and things were... normal. Peaceful, even. The press of a single button changed all that.
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  6. Heard It All Before

    Mainstream media,
    Big government in my phone,
    Climate change and Donald Trump,
    I'm so disappointed with the world,
    And I'm sure that you've heard it all before,
    'Look at me, I'm so anti-technology!'
    Well, that's not what this is,
    I just did a good job of reeling you in,
    I'm like the Daily Mail,
    ENEMIES of the PEOPLE,
    I laughed off therapy,
    I scoff at talking about my feelings,
    And even they distort the truth worse than I do,
    And I'm not like the others,
    They'll cancel you out,
    They should be holding out an ear,
    But I guess that's too much effort for some,
    I guess that's too much effort for them,
    I guess that's too much effort to change,
    But I guess I'll try it anyway.
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