The Want But Can't have/can't afford Thread!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by darksuperlord, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. Rules: Post something you want but for whatever reason (feel free to share but you dont have to) you can't have it

    Please Keep it appropriate

    Ill start:
    A pokeball like the one shown below, doesnt even have to be a luxury ball
    The problem is my parents would think its a waste of money, and its rather expensive, with each one being about $100 usd
  2. A Bugatti Veyron.
  3. GTA V, SR4, SR3, GTA IV

    My parents don't like it :(
  4. A laptop devoted to gaming: the one I use is really slow, but I don't have enough money.
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  5. And this.
  6. Wait, what?
  7. It happens.
  8. Sapote... can't have it at the moment because tropical fruit tends to get a bit expensive where I live, and I am not gonna spend 90 dollars on a 10 lb box of fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding, as amazing as the sounds.
  9. A gaming computer, Ps3, GTA5, All teh pies, the world
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  10. A house across the bay from San Fran would be nice....
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  12. Omnipotence.
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  13. A daft punk head with real chrome. they sell on ebay for 2500 bucks a piece. they are models but they have working LED's and (like i said earlier) real chrome.
  14. Diamond supporter and BF4 preordered
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  15. one miwion dollars!!!
  16. Drevil.jpg
    I will destroy the world unless you meet my demands. One Miwion Dollars!

    EDIT: 90's kids will get this
  17. Too much to list here. Recently though happiness, a house, money, better internet so I can come back online with everyone here and not be stuck hoping for hiccups in 3G that let me on when I don't have data :) Being stuck with only facebook, twitter and skype kinda bites.
  18. SR4 is basically SR3 but with superpowers. Which you get in SR3. It isn't worth the money.

    Anyway, my 'want' is to have been born 3 years earlier, as my mum refuses to break the law and let me play GTAV despite me actually owning it.