The Village In My Books Name [Help Needed]

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  1. Hello Everyone, it is I Spartan/Emo!

    So I have currently been brainstorming on a book I am going to be writing! I already have a name for a book but there is a part of it missing D: So I need your guys help! In the book there is going to be a village where the story starts and runs around for some time. I have been thinking of many names for the village but I cant find anything I like :/ So I need you guys to comment some name ideas for the village!

    There is no prize for the person if I choose there village name, its just simply I need help :D

    Here is some info on the book I have in mind so far:

    There is a village called _____, and in that village the next day will be a gathering to choose the next guardian apprentices of that village. The guardians roles/jobs are to protect the village from any harm and perform dangerous quests. This is a mythical place so in the forest lurks dangerous creatures but also sweet and friendly creatures! The next guardians apprentices will have to train hard with there selected guardian mentor to become a full guardian. The guardian apprentices one day go out to for training but start to wander farther into the woods. They find something dangerous ( i haven't decided what yet ) and its a big threat to them. They report it to the guardians but no one believes them....

    And thats all I have planned out so far!

    I have some names in mind suggested by friends but idk if I like them or not, they are:
    Plum Creek
    East Hollow

    Also if you like some on these names suggested already just comment that name below :D

    If this book goes well i might make it a series or just a second book

    !!Thanks For The Help!!
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  2. That is the name of an elementary school in my town. It get's my vote.
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  3. Lords Landing
  4. Erstonia sounds like a good name for town in a fantasy setting, yet again it's up to you.
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  5. I Still Need A Village Name!
  6. If you ask me the names you came up with yourself are fine.
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  7. Because I liked Erstonia a lot. I didn't feel like it was right for a village name so I made it the name of the land/area so there will be village ( no name for village yet ) in Erstonia!
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  8. BUMP!

    Good Suggestion So Far But None Of Them Hit Me
    I Will Know The Name When I See It :p
  9. Goosed Run

    Because guardians. Yes, I know you don't mean THOSE kinds of guardians but it still came to mind LOL.
    And we all know guardians are little fishy pervs that swim around goosing players (especially me) as they run about up top trying to drain monuments.
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  10. Lol i dont think that would be the right name but thats funny :p
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  11. I am Currently Still Planning Everything out Soon Enough Ill Be Making A Draft!
  12. Tiranel? Pronounced (Teer-u-nil) Just random thought on names for a village.....
  13. I don't know why but I love the name Silver Creek or Silver Hollow:D Wow I'm obsessed with the word "silver" ain't i?:p
  14. Reinster
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  15. I could try, Willow Pass, hah didn't even have to try, it's a street name cx
    I'll try now, Seylin Blight
    Belladonna's mercy
    I got nothing more, these names feel to me a bit more to fit into some lore on some sword or weapon. That's how I feel about it anyways cx. That except for the street name cx
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  16. Silver Passing ^.^
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  17. The Mystic Oaks or The Fallen Quest :p
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