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  1. So another one of these.... My point is that we do something awesome! So...
    1 male and 1 female from every server!!! Then we have random chests scattered around the world... then it is up to the couple to make a shelter and to KILL EVERYONE ELSE! This will be filmed and we do need a server! The list is down here! The females have randomley generated numbers indicating their server number! If something is bold it means that it is completed!

    Male: Slyfox1019
    Female: R0bbieJo

    Male: Thetrufflehunter

    Male: Brandop123
    Female: Sportfreak22

    Male: Jackomighty
    Female: Limeychad

    Male: tclementi1

    Male: Kingrager
    Female: Margaritte

    Male: Osubrown

    Male: Pgoubert

    Male: Xeriul
    Female: Rainbowninjah

    Server hosted by: THE DELTA TEAM!
    Filmer: (whoever films gets 1000r)(this is because we need a lot of filmers...) Thecontroller, Squizzel_boy..... We don't need anymore!
  2. This is just going to cause more hurt feelings...
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  3. I can be the camera man! I have premium fraps, operate in fancy graphics, and I have video editing software.
  4. We are doing this simply to have fun and to take part of the EMC community :D
  5. i think the idea is amazing. I love it, and if I could, I'd even enjoy being a tribute. But having the whole first come first server type ordeal can make other people have hurt feelings. If they can't participate because someone else took their spot, that could cause them to be sad...and frankly, I don't want people sad. :\ (This is a reply to ninjaboy*)
  6. I desperately want to join but smp2 male is taken
  7. no!!!!! smp2 male is taken :eek: ONOZ!!!!!!!!! can I change my gender?? :D
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  8. Lol im smp2 male too
  9. XDD omg you made my day! You sir are the Kevin Hart of EMC!
  10. i can write u guys up for the next round ! :D
  11. It doesnt look liKe you will get many more people anyway why dont you let us on?
  12. *Cough Utopia *Cough
  13. k fine....
    pick a server...
  14. what editing soft ware u use?
  15. Adobe AE CS 5 and Sony Vegas Vegas Pro 11
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  16. I edit using AE then finalize everything in Sony Vegas.
  17. Smp any: make :) I'd love to do this! Sign me up! Preferable smp3
  18. ill be male smp6 plus my skin is a U.S Marine!