The Time Temple has Appeared! (Time capsule 2020)

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Nice! Dont forget dem Boots!
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  2. One of my favorite artists!
    Definitely won't forget the boots. Having them match my 20's era dress is another task altogether.
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  3. Okay, so another scheduling change for you all. (sorry)

    Aikar really wants to be there (to ruin the economy), so we're moving new years ball drop by 12 HOURS to
    noon on New Years day.

    This way Aikar can attend (with economy destroying force) and more of our player base can too.
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  4. What if we can not get on both days? I have sent a PM to you, but I just want to be sure.
  5. Time capsule: you message me.

    New years event: you'll just have to miss it unfortunately.
  6. i dont know if this is an option but would it be possible to have a mini new years party tonight just to hang out together and chat? i would definitely be interested in this :)
  7. What about the promo items?
  8. You are more than welcome to host your own event for everyone to get together.

    Per the post where they were announced, Jan 13th.
  9. ok, but what f I cant get on
  10. lol 7pm emc time is 12am in uk lol
  11. If you can't get on than you won't be able to claim it. However I'm sure people will be selling them. You may think you don't have enough rupees and that may be true but you'll just have to save up the rupees to buy them.
  12. Sounds good. I'll be at both. :)
  13. Looks like I'll be missing this year's ball drop. I'll still be sleeping. Zzzz...

    Have a happy New Year everyone!
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  14. Don't know what I was thinking, logged in got busy and missed the Time Temple. Ahh, next year!:rolleyes:
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  15. ITS massive for the amount of players that want their things stored! well done build team!

    It's nice to see what i wrote in jan 2019
  16. I have recently posted about me selling my building skills to gain more rupees. Here is the link:
  17. I can't figure out where to once I /v timetemple. Anyone able to direct me?
  18. coming to find you :)
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  19. Thanks so much!
  20. i am so lost lol