The Super Secret Settings

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Do you use super secret settings?

Yes 4 vote(s) 14.8%
No 7 vote(s) 25.9%
Sometimes 13 vote(s) 48.1%
What are super secret settings? 3 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. Good day today I've decided to start something where I share and give my opinion on one of the super secret settings of Minecraft everyday. I hope you enjoy!

    SSS #1
    This setting flips your screen upside down and reverses the directions on the keys for left and right. It is very nauseating and may cause you to throw up if your that kinda person. Building, fighting and moving become difficult tasks to complete with the setting on and it's very likely you will die if you fight mobs or players. Great for challenges but dangerous, so use at your own risk!
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  2. I think this is extreemly usefull and I think evryone should use this :p at least you should answer the question: WHY? :p
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  3. Why should you use the SSS? Well some of them increase frame rate and some... actually that's the only helpful thing, I mean if you can't use texture packs they can solve that too.
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  4. there are more than just one setting for those, i use them for fun with screenshots. lol
  5. I like the upside down and rainbow one (I'm on drugs xD)
  6. Yes more are to come once every day
  7. SSS #2
    This SSS makes everything extremely pixelated kinda like one of those really old RPGs. Anyways it's difficult to see things far away with it but other than that there is not much hindrance to your game. Great for survival terrible for PvP is what I say.
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  8. SSS #3
    Makes Minecraft 3D and does work with old blue and red 3D glasses! Other than that it just makes everything kinda blurry but if you don't have the glasses you can still play it with ease, though it may be a good idea to take more frequent breaks than every 1 hour with it.
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  9. I love the wireframe mode. To me, it looks better than most mod packs. It also gives fire a pretty neat effect.
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  10. Some of them are quite great. But didn't the button get removed in 1.9?
  11. Don't think so.
  12. Yes, it got removed. The person who added it got fired and was very angry on Twitter about Mojang reverting/changing things he did heh :3 They took out the button and changed rabbit size (which he created)
  13. A wild Aikar appears! That's a shame though. I love being able to randomly mess up my graphics Lol
  14. What's that for ridiculousness... :/
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  15. Well forget everything I just said _Grum on twitter recently said there just reworking them to work with the new shades system and will be back!
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  16. Sometimes I use one of the crazy settings for fun. ;)
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