The Sunstreak Islands

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    Welcome to the Sunstreak Islands!

    The Sunstreak Islands are a small group of islands located in the Wilderness(Frontier) of smp4. We're set up with farms and roads and other things like that.

    Originally it was an open outpost, but I've now decided that it will simply be a private outpost for the people who are already here. If you really want to join, please PM me and I'll talk to you.

    So enjoy!
  2. Can I please Join?
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  3. Join the outpost empire and you are in. I will pm you instructions to get there.
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  4. Ok To I need to contact Nfell as well?
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  5. Yup.
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  6. I am Major of this outpost. I'm a type of major who bumps this thread.
    So BUMP.
  7. Me Me Me!!!
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  8. Ermagerd helpful people.
  9. Anything special on why to join?
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    And also you can be part of te other things
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  11. Such as?
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  12. You join the outpost empire and you are automatically part of three outposts. We have a huge islands plus mushroom island.
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  13. Huh, i noticed mba didn't put a screenshot of the outpost on the main post.
    Here it is:
  14. So betuyfils :)
  15. Or mba2012 meant this one to bump, but whatever I'm bumping major who bumps this thread whenever I feel like it.
  16. Yea and so am I!
    So bump :p
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  17. Since when your a Major who also bumps this thread?
  18. Ever science I wanted more poeple to play with :)
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