The Outpost Empire

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  1. Hello EMC!

    Today me and mba2012 bring to you The Outpost Empire.

    What is The Outpost Empire?
    Its a collection of outpost's currently on SMP4 which work as a team to grow and become a better community

    Where is The Outpost Empire?
    Currently like I stated above its just on SMP4 but we are looking to expand. Read below to get your outpost into The Outpost Empire.

    How do I join?
    If you want to join an outpost you can apply here: WEBSITE COMING SOON, and all the information is on there. If you want your outpost to join us, then please PM me (Here) and include mba2012 and we can discuss the details on there.

    Paradise - SMP4 - Owned by nfell2009 - Majors: tomtark123 and ben_taylor10
    Avalon - SMP4 - Owned by nfell2009 - Majors: tomtark123 and ben_taylor10
    Sunstreak Isalnds - SMP4 - Owned by mba2012 - Majors: Jakres and Jimbonothing64

    Why 2 majors and an owner?
    Well the majors are there for the small decisions as the owners may be busy, while the owner is there so that the town is still alive and working properly. And 2 majors will make choices more likeable as 2 sides will be shown and work loads can be spread out

    mba2012 is working on the website and currently I have not seen anything so I cant wait! I will post the link on here ready for everyone to see, as applications will be joining through there

    What happens if I join?
    If you join as a member to an outpost then you must follow normal EMC Rules while obeying some new rules being made by us. If you're outpost joins then more information will be told via the PM

    Im a member of on of the listed outpost's

    Currently, as the people chosen for the listed outpost's have been accepted though me or mba2012 (obviously) so we know who is trusty (Everyone) and if you have been accepted to 1 outpost you're allowed to the others without being checked through. This may change when more outpost's are added into us as safety and to keep griefings minor/none

    Thank you nfell2009 and mba2012.

    Any questions please just PM me and have mba2012 in the conversation as well.
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  2. I have reserved this post for future use.
  3. Finally :D
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    You can edit it later (Duh)
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  7. I am getting sunstreak islands thread ready.
  8. Ok, PM me the link afterwards please
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  9. Also it is an not a owner :p
  10. Also um...
    Seeing that um me and um jakres are um managing...
    Do we good god like powers?
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  12. It out finally :D
    Count me In Sending PM now
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  13. Cool, i outght to check it out
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  14. Once EMC upgrades to normal mode I will be making my own outpost on smp4. Maybe I could enter this? :p
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  15. My secret project will most likely join this in April.
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  16. Mba2012 probably meant this thread to bump. I think. He wanted me to bump.
    Anyway, i guess he wanted me to say that the navigation is having some problems. So the website will be delayed for some time....

    Expected something special "bump" from me, eh mba?
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  17. Um -No thanks, but good luck!:)
  18. Surprise!
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  19. So beautiful :3