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  1. Paradise Town on SMP4 is open for new members! Just click onto witch spoiler you fit into
    too! Or looking for! :D

    We have a ranks system just for organisation but nothing is changed from

    being higher or lower (The ranks are in lower (bottom) to higher (top)) The ranks are all as
    Leader - All
    Leader Helper - Mainly all powers but major ones such as accepting and inviting
    Planner - Takes order of what is too come with the island in future times and parts of town
    Top Builder(s) - Controls what't built, where its built and the building existing when coming
    to role
    Worker - Does jobs around the island normally commanded by a Leader or a rank higher
    than them
    Resident - Lives on the island and just builds a home


    To apply just fill out this form:
    Name -
    Why you want to join? -
    What you bring -
    Ever been banned? -
    If so what for? -

    Thank You!
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  2. Yay! Fixed spoilers
  3. Bump! Anymore apps?
  4. Is this in the wild?

  5. yes

  6. Then I would like to join:
    Name - TheMikano
    Why you want to join? - Because I love being in the wild :D
    What you bring - Don't know.. What do you want me to bring?
    Ever been banned? - Yes
    If so what for? - It was just a mistake by the mods ;)

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  7. Accepted! PMing you all the details of it.
  8. Name-Hash98
    Why you want to join?-I need something to spice up Minecraft!
    What will you bring?-I will bring mining, building, and farming expertise. Maybe red stone if given the chance to operate.
    Have you ever been banned?-Nope.

    Side note: I will only be able to play on Wednesdays,Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays, and maybe on week days. I live on smp-1, so it will be hard to live there, but I can manage it :).
  9. Accepted.
  10. Bump!
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  11. Thanks Jake ;)
  12. Name - Mindlegokid
    Why you want to join? - Never acctualy lived in the wild before and it will be a great experiance.
    What will you bring - Basic tools and some cobble and wood.
    Ever been banned? - No.
  13. I'd like to join.
    Name - SoulPunisher (Soul for short :p)

    Why you want to join? - I want to be part of another outpost and help out members etc.

    What you bring - Food.

    Ever been banned? - Nope.
  14. Accepted! I will PM you both
  15. Name -Starpuncher

    Why you want to join? - It sounds like an interesting place

    What you bring - Peace to the town!

    Ever been banned? - No

    If so what for? - Nothing
  16. Accepted! Will PM co-ords
  17. We have now reached 30+ members! If the server is full half will most likely to be at Paradise!
  18. Bump!

    Christmas - May have a fireworks display
    New Years - Fireworks and TNT! (With lots of safety checks for no deaths/damage)
  19. Name: matthew12hydro
    Why would you want to join?: Well, I've always been a BIG fan of them and living in the wild all together
    What can you bring?: Skill wise, many things. Building, mining, hunting (both animals and monsters), and some more I cannot think of because I am currently having a brain fart.
    Ever been banned? Never
    If so why?: N/A
  20. Accepted. Will PM details
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