The SMP4 Project Wall Is Almost Finished!

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  1. That's right... we have decided on the wall design and we will be putting it up beginning this weekend and then continuing all next week until finished....

    Soon I will Edit This With Many More Details and Pics.... :)

    Right now our Biggest push is for 6 DC of Quartz Blocks!!!
    See any of us at 8100 and we will talk! :)

    If you can help and are from another server feel free to talk to us here also... We will consider all offers and of course donations... :)

    Thanks Everyone!
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  2. I've auctioned off a DC of quartz blocks, and I'm on a mining trip right now. I have a single chest which I can donate to the project.
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  3. Yay! Can't wait! :D
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  4. I was watching that one but that got out of my price range sorry....
    I will mine for it.. :)
  5. Hooray! I will go mining as soon as possible! Must donate more quartz... :D
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  6. ALL donations are accepted.... but paying over 60k is crazy! Aldo, any mining trips will be greatly appreciated. We can provide picks and food and potions and I can even provide some iron armor!
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  7. It is very much appreciated... Thank You! :)
  8. Thank You Hash! :)
  9. So who is on during the day that would like to go with me?
  10. Me tomorrow about 11 am !!!
    Who all is going?
  11. i wish i could :( but alas
  12. Whats even going to happen
  13. We are all going to go into the wastelands and donate a bunch of quartz to 8100 so that we can build a big wall around a bunch of residences. :)

    The wall will surround the great Smp4 city, and this whole operation has become known as the smp4 project. Let me find the links in the forums now... Here they are, check these out for more info.
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  14. However, side note from my response above, you should join the special forum to stay updated. Do this by clicking the following link (so many links out there these days). :p
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  15. way to go hash! your on it! :)
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  16. The wall is nearly complete! The towers are being laid out in Creative and on the Smp4 Server....
    And the design of the Empiric Palace is being laid out in creative now too....
    Get to the forum.... or the creative server..... Your Missing Out! :)
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  17. Thought maybe this was a good time to add some pics! ;)

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  18. Looks great!
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