The Smp4 Project and What's Going On

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I have many emails and skype messages about the smp4 project. (Even
    As you all know there have been lots of changes here at the empire in the last 6 months.
    Most of the players that were once a huge part of this project are gone and I find myself at a loss as to what to do with it.
    I am currently talking with all that own reses in the project and asking their opinions first.
    If we can all collectively come up with a new idea and players to make it happen then we will.
    As for the original concept... that era of the empire is gone and I honestly have no desire to put that much effort into something this huge without my friends....
    I am asking for thoughts... suggestions... ideas...
    Keep it nice or I will ask that your posts be deleted...
    Thank You
  2. Have you tried turning it off and back on?
  3. lol
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  4. Put a lava wall around it.
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  5. I'm only less than 100 days old on EMC so I ask, what is this project, you speak of?
  6. Walls.
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  7. I think the current wall is sufficient. ;)
  8. A bunch of players, led by RobbieJo, claimed a huge amount of residence and had the roads between them removed. They were going to make a city or something on it, got a work done on the wall surrounding it, I recall.
  9. Not if the current wall isn't lava.
  10. I see, thank you!
  11. :rolleyes:
  12. Just so the community is aware. I am looking into potentially condensing the project to a more reasonable size and salvaging much of the work already done. This is pending feedback from other residence owners.
  13. I hope we at least keep the entrance.
    I like the massive walls too, but smaller than 24 res's seems like a good idea going forward :).
    It sure was a lot of work clearing those res's of dirt as well, but whatever, that can be redone if needed.

    Also the donation center was a huge effort, that I hope we keep.
  14. Not many left that remember that lol
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  15. I think only 5 had dirt removed and 1 is still in progress, but I may be wrong
  16. Oh, Volt's made sure that it's remembered. :)
    Anyhow, I really would like it if the project were continued at a smaller level. I thought the project was amazing and tried my best to help with it, and I'd really hate to see it fall. What chickeneer is proposing seems like a good option.
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  17. sure would be nice if all those who donated got some kind of progress besides complaining that its hard
  18. I think this sounds very intresting, and I've heard quite a lot of talk about this 'project'....... I know it's on SMP4, but after looking at the live map, I dont see many roads removed....
  19. Bottom left corner ish of the map.
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  20. NOT
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