The 'Share your music' thread!

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    A while back there were a few music threads. I haven't seen them pop up in a while, so I thought why not start a new one :p!

    So here it is!

    Whats this thread for?
    - Sharing music
    - Finding new music
    - Talking about music

    etc etc etc

    Please don't hate on other people's music tastes!

    Let me kick it off with the following songs:
    Piersi - Balkanica

    Tumi and the volume - Asinamali

    Stromae - Tous les Mêmes

    Cazette - Blind Heart ft. Terri B

    Mr Polska ft. Boaz - Hausa Wausa
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  2. This should be fun...
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  4. Listen to Nightcore.
    -testman12345, 2014
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  5. Isn't that techno with high pitched voices :p?
  6. Not pfft not that part of nightcore, the better kind
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  7. xD Post some :p
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  8. I really like the Arctic Monkeys :p
  9. Ah yes! Keep 'em comming peeps!
  10. Plenty of music to share but in order to try and keep things ontopic (lol) I have to say that this one really got into my head... Dan Bull's "Creeper rap":

    B00m, b00m, b00m!

    Fair warning: once you listen to this it'll stick in your head for quite some time. But its much enjoyable though ;)
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  11. 'tis an old thread but... it started off so nice. Guess my sharing MC-styled music didn't do it? So, no fear, I can do better ;) Might even help me get that 'other' tune out of my head.

    One of the things which I found fascinating with Anime right from the moment I discovered it was the often ridiculous amount of attention for details. A classic example is a scene where you hear three girls sing, and when you get hold of the official sound track (OST) you'll have discovered that the two lines sang were actually part of a whole song. They made the whole song and then used a small part of it in the cartoon.

    Another thing which I like, but I only discovered this much later, is that there are actually singers who managed to become famous for their work within the Anime field. Think about intro and end music / songs for example. Two very well known names here are Megumi Hayashibara as well as Masami Okui and they even sang together for the Slayers anime (which, unlike the name might suggest, is actually a fantasy / comedy series and not so much action).

    Well, in my opinion their voices really work very well together. So having re-discovered this thread I figured I'd share it:

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  12. +1 for reviving :D
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  14. Always. Kanto remix. We love you X and Y <3