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  1. hi this is bagofusa and i was wondering if i could get a copy of the server files for my friend?

    thanks and plz reply to this thread.
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  2. Doesn't work like that sorry. You can't have a copy.
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  3. EMC is for a large part build on in-house development, so a lot of the code being used was specifically developed for Empire Minecraft, so it is highly unlikely that this code is going to be shared. After all: all these custom features is what makes Empire Minecraft, it's what gives EMC the edge. Sharing that (I'm thinking open source software mind you) would be highly counter productive I think.

    However.. The basis for EMC is the Spigot server, and that is an open source project which anyone can download and install. Spigot is somewhat of a Bukkit spinoff but it contains a lot of extra enhancements and failsaves. You can learn more about spigot here:

    And you can download the latest versions here:

    Just grab "BuildTools.jar", run it through Java (java -jar buildtools.jar) and you should be well on your way.

    It won't have the custom code, but it will roughly behave just like EMC.
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  4. Wrong forum thread?
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  5. I guess he is introducing his desire for the server files...
  6. All your base are belong to us... You have no chance to survive, make your time...
  7. who is the owner actually
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  8. For future reference, don't advertise servers. Not even your own. It can get you in trouble.
  9. Aikar is the owner
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  11. I can trade you the server files for your IRL house. :D
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  12. What did you mean? What did you want? I don't really understand what you mean by "the server files".
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  13. He meant the world files, server jar and plugin files, so he *could* make an exact copy of the empire with all the included features.
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  14. That would be quite interesting, actually. It could create a sort of alternate reality.
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  15. what do you mean by an IRL house?
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  16. In-real-life house
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  17. do u mean the address?
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  18. cause in that case,

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  19. It was a joke :D
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  20. *facedesk*
    How did this go so horribly wrong?