The Second Coming

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  1. Plot Twist: Gorilla in London Zoo says he has been locked inside attractions amid reports that visitors are on the loose.
  2. He has returned 20 weeks after he was supposedly assassinated in an elaborate scheme by Hillary Clinton due to him holding information that could lead to her denomination. Word has it the assassination did not go as planned, and he fled to the Siberian Mountains after faking his own death.

    Now, he has returned - under the name 'Gorilla McGorillaface', he has declared his support for Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential election and is destroying David Bowie albums (his time in the discount Soviet Union Russian Federation has made him loath Western culture). Fortunately, he was recaptured by London Zoo after he was found crying in a corner of the street after some skinhead Brexit-voting teens dressed in tracksuits told him to go back to his own country.

    Right now, all we know for sure, is that Harambe indeed lives on. Finally, 2016 brings us good news.

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  3. Wow...can we just let this stuff die already? It is getting really annoying.
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  4. Step 1) Realise it's just a meme.
    Step 2) Don't get so angry.
    Step 3) Ignore the thread.

    Will tag all future joke posts like this with '[HARAMBE]' in the title. I apologise sincerely.
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  6. Five minutes into enclosure and chill when he gives you this look:
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