The return of JustinGuy?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by sgtawesome117, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. So when will JustinGuy come back, i want to ask him if i can use his picture?
  2. Misleading title with a misleading profile picture.. Im gonna go cry now. :(
  3. He did not make that picture, you may use it if you wish :)
    You will, however, make a lot of us sad by making threads with misleading titles while having misleading profile pictures :(
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  4. I was so excited until I read the thread
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  5. Very misleading
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  6. It isn't technically 'his' picture, although everyone associates it with him.
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  7. You should change the exclamation mark to a question mark so it's not as misleading.
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  8. Id like to see the title changed in a whole, not just the punctuation. It makes people believe hes coming back with the profile picture.
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  9. Ouch. That hurt.
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  10. Oh how mean is this thread... ; - ; So misleading...
  11. If you just look who made the thread, it's fine...
  12. I'm just gonna go rock and cry in a corner...
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  13. Misleading thread titles are misleading again... Yes you're allowed to use that picture, but people associate it with justinguy, so at first sight they may think you're him.
  14. basically dont use the photo -_-
  15. Wow, another troll thread? Didn't you learn your lesson with the last one?
  16. *sobs* Oh, the feels! :(
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  17. I'll just be over in the corner staring at the screenshot I have of him logged on to smp3 from a year ago...
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  18. Well this thread was a big disappointment..
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