The result of 24 hour CQ Duty and no internet connection. :)

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  1. I built this completely legit in SSP last night. I played on Normal Difficulty in the new 12w15a Snapshot

    The current cactus perimeter security is not effective and will be replaced by a alternate security system using pistons and lava trenches or even drop pits to allow the collection of drops. :)

    I would love to build something like this in SMP, but I know it would be destroyed and I am not going to put it out there for that.

    I am not coming online today as I am pleased with this current project and I would like some more time to just play the game. :D
  2. nice work twitch but what is cq duty?
  3. its a duty where you sit at a desk for 24 hours and help all your buddies who did not have the duty to their rooms as they return from the night partying.
  4. ahh okay cheers smooch
  5. wait... chickens have rare drops now?!?!??!?!?!?1?1/ holy crap im gonna be rich! my chicken farm shall be even better!
  6. This statement was removed from the wiki. I am going to edit my post accordingly... I had this typed up before I got off duty at 0900 EST haha
  7. Twitch1, i cordialy invite you to check out my guide to live in the wild. Maybe you would like to see i have plenty of personal examples where i got no griefing on nice towns :)
  8. I am starting a SSP world myself this weekend. I will have LOTS of time with no internet for the next 2 weeks so I might as well see what I can come up with. :)
    Time to learn about those mob spawners over
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  9. aww dang. i was just breeding hundreds of my little minions to give me free armor. shoot.
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  10. haha, I was going to spawn them into a murder box in creative and see what happened but the post was gone... :(
  11. Plans for expansion on this particular world is to build a house in a bit to the NW of the "Greenhouse" and to expand the "grazing fields" to a size of about 50x50 with dividers for Chickens/Cows/Pigs...
    I have no use for sheep, I don't build anything but beds with wool...

    So far I have located a Desert, Jungle, Taiga and Mountain biome within vicinity as well as an enormous Ravine with multiple surface access caves. I am hoping to find an abandoned mineshaft near the Ravine but I will be okay with building a covered rail system to travel to farther distances as necessary....
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  12. With R0bbiejo and twitch1 gone for the day or longer people are going to think the cats are away so the mice can play. Let me assure everyone that there are still plenty of cats around.
  13. Wow... Are you using an mods in this mode Twitch? I play total MC in single player. I start with my little wooden pickaxe and go from scratch. I love the adventure. I would however be interested to know what CAN be done in SSP.
    I just found a 4 corner meeting biome of desert, Mountain, jungle, and mountain again. There is a huge lake right in the middle and when I went down to check it out I found a HUGE ravine... Can you say Happy Girl!!! :)
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  14. I have The Mod stuff on my PHONE... I am always watching! LOL....
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  15. Yea, I was running 12w15a 1.3 Snapshot :D
    No MODs, not even OptiFine for me last night... I blew up TNT on Fancy/Far that way and Minecraft crashed on me haha...
    I did the same. :) From 1830 EST - 0200 EST I played this map. I ran to the first tree I found, which happened to be in a large Birchwood grove so I went haywire on it.
    I then stumbled upon this very large 1 layer pond underneath a natural overhang so I began hunting achievements, specifically important to me was "The Lie" since I have never made a cake in-game before. :D

    The pond was used to fish and farm and then I noticed cows, sheep and another large grove and so I began to improve the shanty into a greenhouse. I stripped beaches, blast mined Oasis' in the neighboring desert and lured the cows to my base of operations. :)
    I made 12 cakes in the process, but I didn't think to lure some chickens in when I brought back the pigs....

    I was continually harassed by Skeletons and Spiders so I installed the cactus perimeter and I am now working on an underground tunnel system to escape the mobs at night.

    I have not died once on this iteration and I hope to keep it that way.

    I am on Normal difficulty, Survival. (I don't care for Hardcore unless I go exclusively mining, I don't lose creative works in a mine expedition... :))
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  16. I am fixing my Wi-Fi to do the same. So if my phone beeps, I will jump in. :D
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  17. You play exactly like me in MC... I love it :)
    Yes I have unlimited data and I have notifications that I can turn on as soon as I pull out the driveway. I may not be able to play the game... but I can be a referee.... lol
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  18. So is that how I sometimes see a mod kick someone even though they are not showing up when I press TAB??
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  19. That's pretty sweet, Twitch.

    I think you just rekindled my love of single player Minecraft. Will probably start up a hardcore world tonight. :)
  20. hardcore? i never ever ever play hardcore. even if i accidentally fall into 1 deep water taht i thought was 2 deep. i always play peaceful then go to survival after i get a small dirt shelter or something.