The Reavers

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  1. The Reavers

    LostTranquility (Leader)
    Starcraft1535 (Right Hand Guy)
    Harmless88 (Left Hand Guy)
    ge (LT)

    Purpose for existance:
    To oppose The Red Wolves

    Who are we?:
    You might be asking yourself. Lost
    I'm looking at this post and saying. "Who are the Reavers?" Well reader I'll tell you, but only in person and in the game. If you want to know more please contact me in game or send me a message/reply and we will setup a time that is convenient for you to discuss becoming a member of the Reavers.

    Where did you come from!?:
    Let me give you a little history as to how The Reavers were started. The Red Wolves have certain intentions and I wasn't a fan. So now I have my own club/group/cult what have you. We will oppose the oppression of The Red Wolves and become the strongest! (Without griefing, lemme make that CLEAR. NO GRIEFING will occur under my watch.)

    How do I know if I will fit in?:
    Do you like sheep blood? Lava? Fire? Human Sacrifice? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then your perfect for the Reavers!

    Sign up today or be flayed alive!

  2. This is an outrage! The Wolves are peaceful......... but you are apparently not reading my signiture.
  3. This is an outrage...... WHY?????!!!!!!!! WHAT DID WE DO TO YOU?????????? THE RED WOLVES ARE PEACFUL AND THEY HELP OTHER PEOPLE!!!!
  4. Hey what his whole alliance for??????? WE are just trying to do something peaceful!!!!
  5. I am not going to even pretend to understand what is going on here. People can have groups with different view points as long as they operate within the rules of the Empire.
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  6. O.K. Sorry JustinGuy
  7. ^ This.
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  8. HEY LOST!!!!! Why are you doing this??????? You have to understand that we are trying to do good and by you apposing to us, you are basically saying you are dark. If you were dark it would explain why your house looks like an evil palace.....:mad:
  9. I guess this mean's we're officially a Role-Playing SMP now? :D lol
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  10. hah we were only trying to do something good but then he didnt want to join and poof we've got a near war threat going on.
  11. Yeah.............. You be nice to someone then all of a sudden they turn on you and want a war.
  12. amen brother!
  13. I'll tell you this lost, you've started a war you won't win. Good will always triumph evil, we will squash your evil attempts and keep the peace.
  14. You have neither sheep blood nor Lava. Clearly we are at war.

  15. Evil will always triumph. Just wait and see MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
  16. you'll lose this war, every last one of. You've misjudged our power! We are more stronger than your evil. You've threatend the wolves, and we are a mighty force to be dealt with. Watch your back for we are cunning and destructive when needed be.
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  17. Just remember, Fire burns when you touch it.
  18. We perfer to fight with words but you have pushed us to the Brink...... The Brink of Warfare! As my quote says we will defend our selves and others from your corruption! And Wolves bite when threatened!
  19. Your fire does nothing against our might, you may have fire but we have swords aimed at you throat, beware for wolves are the predators, reavers are the prey...
  20. sign me up lost lol i like lava and i have been searching for sheeps blood for you for the past week almost(no night weekend)
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