The Random Comic Thread

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  1. Hey all! So since everyone liked my previous comic series, smp8 Broken, I decided to just make a thread to keep creating random ones.
    I created comics based on these random threads:
    Funny Staff Moments
    Random Screenshots
    That moment when...

    I encourage other artists to post here as well if they find inspiration! There's been some awesome art in the Discord channel so I know there's people out there. :) Just follow the two rules:
    1. Credit any skins that you use in the art.
    2. It should be a reference to a moment or event on EMC! Maybe also post a picture about the reference as well.

    Happy Drawing!
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  2. #1 Chests
    with ThaKloned

    #2 Italics
    with Crystaldragon13, burgerknight, jewel_king, wafflecoffee, jaqque, PopTart_Flavored, Cyberazaz101

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  3. They're nice!
    Although I had to reread both comics after reading the context, because I didn't get it at first. Thanks for including the context, at least. ;)