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Do you think I'm Male, or Female? (Poll closes in 1 week)

Female 32 vote(s) 58.2%
Male 23 vote(s) 41.8%
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  1. n the answer is neither
  2. What if you play both genders? Like Shel? :p
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  3. Yes, true.
  4. ALRIGHT. do you guys wanna know nowww
  5. After all the things you've pulled. I still cannot trust you, sorry :)
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  6. Okay, I don't mind. It's not my problem if you don't trust me, it's yours.
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  8. Plus you claimed you was this female adult on a disney roller coaster once
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  9. I agree with neither.

    Anyways I know what you are.

    You are a cyborg sent from the future, year 2218. You were sent to improve relations with Russia because in 2218, Russia decides to launch nuclear attacks which lead to Mutually Assured Destruction. The whole world becomes a nuclear wasteland and you were the only "thing" left to warn the past. Your mission was to improve relations with Russia and the US. Your superiors however, told you that you could also sneak into Russia and gain access to the launch codes in order to launch nuclear attacks on the Russians from within their own country, which would also kill you if you followed through. You became saddened after receiving the orders and hacked into the time portal to send you back to the year 2000. You decided to ignore your missions and join Empire Minecraft. Since you are a cyborg, you do not die. Thus, you await the inevitable nuclear attacks you failed to prevent.
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  10. lol he was in on it
    lols im so evil
  11. But when you consider you could get in major trouble for it.... Anyways I'm outta here
    EDIT: Also you seemed very eager to realease this 'truth'. Maybe you had a good idea for a prank and couldn't wait any longer
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  12. same here bruh
  13. See edit :)
  14. I prefer to leave it a mystery.
  15. Closing thread at the request of the initial poster.
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