The Promo Prices Thread

Discussion in 'Price Inquiries' started by The_Mancub, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Forgot to post how much I sold my 2018 Cupid’s Bow last year. Whoops. xD Well here it is finally. Almost a year late. 4 million rupees, 2 Derelict Protection Vouchers, 8 Diamond Supporter Vouchers, Happy 6th Birthday EMC Book by Aikar and Supporter Thank You Book by Aikar. Don’t know what the combined total for all of this would be for this bow money wise. So I’ll leave that to others to figure out. :p
  2. I just won an auction for one and paid 4.6m total.
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  3. Wow. Guess I got very lucky with what I got for mine then.
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  4. By my rough estimate that's approximately worth 10.5 million, so you certainly got quite the deal. Feel bad for the buyer haha
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  5. Anyone know the price for a 2018 Hot Head?
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  6. 2017 labor bench was just auctioned for 35k
  7. Yeah I left that auction because I felt it was going too high. :p
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  8. Haha same here. Checked this thread and saw it was higher than even 2016 so I ducked pretty quick
  9. value may start to rise tho.. with no 2018 bench...