The Parkour Res

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What do you think of this res?

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  1. Well, there are 3 types of parkour, Green Being The Easiest, Yellow Being Its Easy.. But I Dont Know, and Red Which is the Hardest Easiest. The only person that has completed this parkour is Dufne.. You might be thinking 'What?! How, Impossible!' Duf used her alt..'Wait Theo.. gtp is on?!

    Wait?! Where do I go? Blocks.. Everywhere

    Credit To AlexC__ For Banners :)
  2. You know what makes the Empire tick? As much as I admire them: it's not the Empire events (just so we're clear: I honestly admire them, even though I hardly participate; You try keeping some event up for 6 months in a row every week and then we'll talk again) but the player events. With all due respect here, obviously (see previous comment?) but EMC events are held at specific moments, and player events are something you can run into every time of the day. And that's what makes it awesome.

    This evening Theomglover advertised that he was holding a skin competition on SMP5 and since I was in a funny mood I decided to participate. The end result? Well, I am a bit sad because I learned that the player who got me this awesome skin (BabyCreepersRule aka HashtagHuxlo) is no longer playing on EMC but...

    1st prize?! :D

    That was unexpected :) And then it happened ;) Theomg organized a parkour, and I really liked it. You see; when you enter theomg's res. you end up falling down and bouncing on slime blocks. Like so when Aya joined:

    The fun part? The bouncing can get you a very good overview of what's ahead of you in the parkour. To put this easy: I think theomglover clearly shows that you don't need much fancy stuff to build a really challenging and awesome parkour!

    People are still going at it, and no one made it to the end yet!

    In the mean time theomg and me started talking and while we did the heat was on, people were determined to make it to the end!

    This was fun! And I don't even like parkour all that much :p

    But I can honestly appreciate the effort theomg put into this to make it work. He's really out to help us have a good time and that resulted in the stuff you see above. Challenging, good fun and very nice prizes too!

    So the next time you see an advertisement from Theomglover you should really consider having a go at it, I think you may enjoy what you're about to do :)
  3. cool banners :)
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  4. This is the End of the red parcours, isn't it?

    (yes, I cheated, but how????)
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  5. I don't like your ladders. :I
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  6. Thanks :) Duf did it like 1st try :p
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  7. I actually did get all the jumps on that one ladder pole first try when you asked me to show Rhy
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  8. Unless they're just the 1 over 1 up ladders, I can't do any ladder whatsoever. :I
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  9. Jealous?
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  10. Death Parkour Coming Soon