The Order of the Red Wolves

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  1. Welcome to the Order's official thread page!

    Who is the Order of the Red Wolves?
    fluffinator09 - Grandmaster
    Hash98 - Archmaster
    Eclipsys - Paladin
    DJ__Krazy - Paladin
    PenguinDj - Paladin
    TheOlburgen - Paladin
    penfoldex - Paladin
    brickstrike - Paladin
    Mr_Waffle203 - Inititate

    How do I become a Red Wolf?
    Easy! Just fill out an application below!


    OotRW Ranks.png

    Way Stations
    Will be listed on a separate thread after three have been constructed.

    The Order of the Red Wolves Codex

    Official Anthem
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  2. That text hurts my eyes >_<
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  3. Sorry man. Red and all. Kinda our thing xD
  4. If you could make it darker like maroon that would be awesome ;)
  5. Sadly, I cannot. I used not Photoshop :(
  6. Rise and Rise again until Lambs become Lions.
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  7. Lol that reminds me of this:
    I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

    Alexander the Great
    (I don't know why though lol :))
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  8. It's the lions and the sheep :p
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  9. um.
    Color blind but okay...

  11. Someone went watch Mad Max...
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  12. Not interested in joining, but nice-looking thread you got there =P
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  13. Someone did indeed. Too epic.
  14. I hope to have the ranks done today! In other words, bump!
  15. Bump! All Wolves are welcome to a free Order signature! Please post here or in my signature thread for it!
  16. Ranks have been added to the OP!
  17. We will be having a political rally tonight at my residence on SMP-1! Be there and learn more about the Order and what we support!
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  18. 2015-05-28_15.44.49.png
    The Red Wolves have successfully created its first embassy! Located in the deep wild, this old mob grinder was remodeled into an embassy for the Order!

    Which wild civilization is it an embassy of? Snogard! Snogard features many farms, trading outpost, houses, more houses, and a gigantic town hall! Personally I built a house and I became apart of this wild civilization! For more information about Snogard, ask Mr_Waffle203! He is one of the founding fathers of the town and can answer any questions you have; including how to join!

    If you happen to stumble upon Snogard and need a place to stay, our embassy is always opened and it will always be stocked with a bow, arrows, and cooked foods! It also has an upper room for residence!

    Join the Order of the Red Wolves today and see what amazing things you can do for the Empire!
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  19. Sorry I could not make it, had to stay for school... :(
  20. There was nothing to attend anyway. However we should be leading a waystation building party later tonight if you are interested.