The Olympun Games

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  1. Introduction
    Have you ever told a terrible joke and had nobody laugh? Does your genius in creating silly, original puns go unappreciated each and every day? Well, I say NO MORE!
    At last, those of you who have mastered the Art of Pun will have the chance to show your stuff at the 2015 Olympun Games! Oh, the competition will be brutal, the games challenging, the puns relentless, but should you be victorious, you will be hailed by all members of EMC as a true master of puns!
    Interested? Read more about the events of the Olympun Games below!
    Don't know what puns are? Ask me for some examples or visit the following links:

    Event 1: Pun Identification
    Even the most basic pun artist can identify the puns of others with ease. This competition will put your pun-identifying skills to the test! Ten, yes, ten puns will be hidden across my first, third, and fourth residences. Locate them all and private message me with screenshots/information before any other player!
    First Place: 10k + Dragon Stone Fragment + Stack of Diamonds + Awards Book
    Second Place: 5k + Dragon Stone Fragment + 32 Emeralds + Awards Book
    Third Place: 3k + Dragon Stone Fragment + Awards Book

    Event 2: Hole In Pun
    This Hole In One course is like no other! Players will have to be the first to answer trivia questions in order to have a chance at jumping into the Pit of Prosperous Punning! The catch? Each and every question will be about puns! Identify the pun in this sentence, give me an example of a pun about crackers! Who knows what'll happen in this exciting battles of wits!?
    First Place: 25k + Dragon Stone Fragment + Stack of Diamonds + Awards Book
    Second Place: 10k + Dragon Stone Fragment + 32 Emeralds + Awards Book
    Third Place: 5k + Dragon Stone Fragment + Awards Book

    So, when will all this be? I'll announce event times as they pop up, but the first event will take place this coming Saturday, August 29th, 2015, at 3 PM EMC Time. In other words, move will be given to everybody at that time. :)
    The other events haven't quite been planned yet, but I'm thinking it's possible that the Hole In Pun event will be September 5th, at around 10 AM EMC Time, but that is definitely not confirmed yet. :)

    All donations to go toward prizes are accepted and highly appreciated. :)
    Thanks to ShelLuser for redstone help!

    I look forward to punning with you all. If you have ANY questions about any part of this thread, whether that be about what puns are, event logistics, etc., please contact me by private messaging me or posting here. :)
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  2. I think you just won yourself with the title...

    The only problem is, I have never came up with a single original pun.
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  3. Oh so punny of you :D :p
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  4. Sounds awesome! Now, to work on making puns on purpose better. Instead of the great zingers I accidentally make, then laugh at an hour later >_<
  5. Bump. :) You're not going to want to miss out on the pun and games!
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  6. Im not sure whether I love or hate this
  7. You could do that. :p
    You know you love it. :]
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  8. Not trying to be cheesy, but this is grate. I have always loved puns. Mainly when they are actually funny.
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  9. I might participate just so I can groan at horrible jokes for a few hours
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  10. You know, they don't call me Lord of the Pun for nothing.
    The words "funny" and "pun" are complete opposites.
  11. Bump! :D Just a day or two until the first (and simplest) event! :D
  12. This 'contest'... we perform this each Friday during overtime, to the chagrin of my boss.

    We also will do spoken work Limp Biskut quotes and speaking in accents.
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  13. Bump! :D I hate to change things at the last minute, but residences will be open for the first event at 2:30 PM EMC Time, not 3 PM. :)
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    For event one, find all 10 puns hidden throughout residences 8961, 16500, and 16594 and private message me screenshots of them! There are three puns hidden in 8961, three in 16594, and four in 16500. All puns are written on signs.
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  15. More like Happuning.
  16. The first place victor in our first event has been decided (and will be announced once all three victors are done), but there are still second and third place prizes to be awarded! Get hunting! :)
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  17. Meh, missed it. I was convinced this was held at Sunday, no idea how the heck I came up with that idea :confused:

    Edit: lucky me, I didn't miss it. Well, I missed the first event, but that wasn't the thing I'm extremely curious about :)

    Phew... :cool:

    Edit2: Is it cheating if I add a punny sign below that redstone contraption? :D
    (naah, don't worry!) :)
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