The Official Intellectual Competition

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  1. The Official Intellectual Competition (V 3.0)

    Contest is officially open and UPDATED!
    Shapes with letters here and Grid here

    The Challenge:
    You will be given a 10x10 grid, 11 words (6 minecraft related words and 5 EMC member names), and some shapes. These shapes have have boxes with one letter in each box. You have to fit these shapes in the grid so that all the shapes are used to fill in the entire 10x10 grid and all the words can be found either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

    The Hard Part:

    In order to find all the words you not only have to fit all the pieces correctly into the grid, but you have to rearrange the letters in the individual shapes.

    How you win!:

    Be the 1st person to correctly solve the Word Find (More than one answer is acceptable as long as all the shapes retain their specific shape and a 10x10 grid is formed.)

    Prizes as of now:
    (most prize donations are appreciated (no dirt or cobble please :p) please PM me or amadai if you want to donate. Donations accepted until winner is crowned)

    Rupees: TOTAL - 70k rupees
    30k rupees - me
    20k rupees - amadai
    20k rupees - TonicThunder

    Full Set of Diamond Enchanted Armor - Rtardo
    Diamond Pick: Fortune III Eff V Unb III - Rtardo
    Diamond Sword: Knockback II Loot II Sharpness III - Rtardo
    Silk Touch I Eff IV Unb III Diamond Pick - me

    6 Default Words:
    Nether, Town, End, Wild, Empire, Minecraft

    5 Names:
    JustinGuy, amadai, AlexChance, NurseKillJoy, TruthInOre

    Shapes with words here
    and Grid here

    Due to the longevity of the competition and the difficulty there can be one and only one victor.
  2. Interesting. This should be fun. However, where are the shapes??
  3. Ok, this sounds like a nice competition :) Hope to find out the answer as first :) Or maybe donate for prizes, Ill see :D
  4. Here is the basic run down. Fit the shapes in the square, unscramble the letters of the shapes, find the words. Shapes stay the same position (not rotated) and the letters of a specific shape will be unscrambled and changed with letters of that same shape. If unscrambled properly all the words can be found.
  5. Cool! nice idea =)
  6. Just out of curiosity, if say I submit my res and it is chosen to be used in this competition would I still be able to compete since the sign with a word would be on my res?
  7. As of now... Yes as the clue finding part is not as important and will not take nearly as long as puzzle part. It only gives you one word and a clue.
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  8. Looking forward to this!
  9. Sounds great :)
  10. Interesting. I love Tetris, but I'm not sure I could ever solve this XD I barely understand it, too (I'm bad at understanding lol) Maybe when I'll see it I'll get it, but I might want to donate.
  11. how big is the grid
  12. I will know once I get the last 6 names. If the names are all 6 letters long it will be small, if names are 14 letters long it will be long, but I will try to keep the names as short as possible.
  13. ohhhh it should be less than 12 and greater than 6 then it should work had the same thing at my little brothers school
  14. I agree, but won't know until the we pick.
  15. ok cool let me know took me and my brother a couple days to figure out these are extremely difficult the larger they are
  16. The current description makes my tiny brain hurt. Are we looking for some sort of coherent sentence? How are these shapes going to be incorporated in residences exactly? Where do we gather all these words? Can you explain it to me like I'm a four-year old, please?
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  17. No problem. It is kinda hard to grasp, but once you get it you are like ohhhhh! Okay so there is a grid. You will fill it in with provided shapes ex: a 3x1 rectangle or an "L" shaped figure... so that all the grid is covered (You have to place the shapes in the grid). the shapes have boxes in them filled in with 1 letter in each box ex a 3x1 rectangle has 3 letters in it a 3x2 rectangle has 6 letters in it. You have to correctly place the shapes and unscramble the boxes/letters to be able to find all the words (all the letters of a shape have to stay in that specific shape). Once unscrambled correctly you will be able to find the 12 words of the word find in that grid. I have posted the 1st 6 words and the other 6 will be found out basically in a "treasure hunt". Clues will be placed on various residences. If you go to a res and find a clue you get a word for the Word Find (What ever the residence owner's name is ex: if you find it on my JustinGuy's res one of the remaining 6 words is JustinGuy) and the next clue that leads you to the next word. These clues will be on signs. Once you have all 12 words you have to do what I said above. Put the shapes in, unscramble properly and find all 12 words.
  18. So it sounds like a word jumble, a word search, and a scavenger hunt all in one.

    Am I correct?
  19. Best way to describe it YES!
  20. So when should all the clues be on the residents? I really want to do this. :D
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