The new /res changebiome command

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by PetuniaFigtree, May 11, 2015.

  1. Has anyone tested the new res biome change feature? I am wondering if I do this, will my house be lost? I'd love to have a jungle biome on my second res. Not really much info in the wiki besides this blurb:
    • /res changebiome BiomeName - Allows you to change the biome of your residence. This will cost you 5,000 Tokens when used on an SMP residence and 10,000 Tokens when used on Utopia.
  2. you will not lose anything on your res normally i think
    i did it and i lost nothing
  3. Frogy is right; no blocks will be removed or altered if you change your biome. A biome in Minecraft roughly does 2 things: determine which types of blocks to place (when auto generating the terrain) and how those blocks should look. For example: if your residence falls within a Mesa biome then your grass blocks will look dark green / brownish. But if your residence lies in a Jungle biome then the grass will look more bright greenish.

    So; you don't have to worry about blocks getting removed. All it will do is (optionally) change the looks of the blocks a bit.

    Note that you may need to relog (log off & back on) before you'll notice the full effect.

    For the record: I haven't tried this command myself yet, so far there was no need, but I have experience with biome changes "elsewhere".