The Mysterious Dark

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  1. Idk if I am seeing things but at night sometimes I can see a dark figure moving in my room and when I move it disappears. This happens when the lights are all off. I have seen it before also in the mirror behind me. I literally think I may have a delusional sight where my mind sets thoughts into real time motion or my house is seriously haunted. I've been going to sleep now with the light in my room on but I can hear foot steps on the roof. And if I am hearing correctly, I think I may have heard a single voice in the midst of the attic. Can anyone explain what the heck is happening? If there is a psychological problem, tell me because this has been happening now for years.

    Edit: sometimes the figure stands in the window blinds.
  2. If this applies, I'd say to improve your sleep schedule. Give yourself maybe a half hour of electronic-free time before you go to bed, go to sleep early, and wake up early. It might seem like a random thing to do, but it could help. As for psychological problems, I don't think anyone on EMC is qualified to diagnose anything.
  3. I used to have a house like this, except the 'ghost' liked to watch TV (sometimes we came home and the TV was on, and so was the living room's light - even if we'd turned it off), and once we heard it going up the stairs. If you can see it, even in a form of black, then you're not scared otherwise you wouldn't see it.
    My mum has a phobia of things like this, and its so bad she has nightmares about things like this out to get her. I do too, but on a smaller scale.

    The day I moved into my current house (almost 9 years ago) , me and my brother went into my sister's wardrobe. My dad and grandad went down stairs, and then the wardrobe literally started shaking. I fell out on purpose, and it was leaning on side to side. My brother then fell out too, and we ran downstairs and told our parents. They didn't believe us.

    My point: Your house may possibly be haunted. To be sure, go buy an EMF (I think that's what they're called) and see if anything shows up. If something does - your house is definitely haunted. If it is, just call me and i'll punish all the souls in your house.
  4. Some days I can feel myself trying to wake up but I can't move and I hear and can feel something on my face.

    Edit : sometimes the room becomes intensely cold
  5. Does it smell of something horrible too? The cold alone means that the house could be haunted.
  6. There is no smell. It just becomes very cold in certain spots or sometimes the entire room. My house is two story and I have heard people walking up the stairs and when I check there is nothing there but darkness because the lights are off
  7. I'm surprised you haven't hidden yourself in a corner for the rest of your life.

    Can I reccomend ghost hunters? They might cost you a little bit of money but they are usually worth it and can drive the ghosts out of your house.
  8. But nothing has died in my house, the last thing I remember that could of died is my dog but he died in the car ride to the vet about 6 years ago
  9. i m afraid there is a stalker in your house
  10. If the ghost isn't doing you any harm, I wouldn't worry too much. Also, nothing has to have died in your house. Somebody, or something, could have died on the spot where your house is built. They could have died so long ago they could look like this:
  11. and in all seriousness if the figure looks like human enough i would call police or u must be high or mentally sick
  12. Not sure if serious...
  13. Sheesh, you guys make it sound like he's doomed. I'm sure we've all had nighttime experiences that seemed more real than possible, but we live through 'em. Still, I understand the concern, so let me offer what help I can.
    Question: Do you live alone? If you live with parents, spouse, roomate, etc. you should discuss it with them. Besides that, I usually find it comforting to know someone is nearby while I sleep, regardless of who they are.
    Also, there's something called sleep paralysis. It's not a rare condition or disease, nor anything to be concerned about. It's just that when you enter REM sleep, or get close to it, your body keeps you from moving so you don't try to physically do anything you do in your dream. Sometimes when you come out of sleep, you still can't move. The best way to be able to move again is to realize what's happening and tell the difference between dream and reality. Clearly, if you don't know what's happening, sleep paralysis can be frightening. But if you realize what it is, and you're familiar with coming in and out of that state, it's just a natural thing.
    I would recommend practicing going in and out of consciousness. That may sound weird, but let me explain. Some philosophies think there are two "types" of experience: conscious and unconscious. Conscious experience would involve the five senses and most thought, while unconscious experience would include dreams, abstract images, intuition, and some other things which are hard to describe. Both are important for a healthy life, but it's possible for the two to get "out of whack" and blend together. Some researchers believe this may partially explain schizophrenia: the unconscious mind will act spontaneously while the person is still conscious, but the person doesn't fully realize it. Why this happens is anyone's guess, but I think sleep depravation, excessive computer use, and lack of outdoor activity can contribute to the blurring of reality and illusion. Having a good sleep schedule, being socially active, and spending time outdoors might help.
    What I suggest you do is to try meditation during the day. It's hard to describe, but try and focus on being fully aware of your surroundings and try to feel energetic: focus on each of the five senses and loosen your muscles, - that'll help get a grip on consciousness. Once you feel fully awake, switch to the unconscious: forget about your surroundings and just relax. When you feel relaxed, try not to think about anything - just have a clear mind. Try not to experience anything. If you do this long enough, you might notice that your body goes kind of numb, and if you go further you can experience even more interesting things, but you don't have to. The point is to practice on being healthily conscious, and then being healthily unconscious.
    The reason I bring this up is that paranormal events are typically associated with the unconscious mind. Then again, it could just be you overreacting to little sights and sounds. The best advice I can give you is not to think about it too much, and to think positively. Personally, I find comfort in God, so that's something to think about too.
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  14. You could always do a wiji board or an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) which will let you be able to communatcate with the spirits, or take pictures. I'm really good with pictures of spirits and know what can fool people. So if you take a picture that shows up something strange; Pm the picture to me on the forums and i'll help you out. :)
  15. There may not have been anything that died in your house, but around that area, because there could be something trapped in an area around you. And you could have one of them physic people come in and check your house out :)
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  16. You may have a person that lives in your house at night. IV seen some news reports of that happening. When u are hearing the footsteps could it be your house settling? Or could your mind be playing tricks on you?
  17. Dafuq ?
  18. Just think, your great great great great great (times this by about 100 or a little more) grandfather/mother looked like that :p
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  19. Yeah, sorry, I'll try and hide better next time
    *creepy face*
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  20. Wait....
    I thought I saw you in there too no wonder he is hearing/seeing so much with us 2 hanging around his house! :rolleyes:
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