The most expensive fuel in the entire game! :eek:

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  1. Hi gang!

    This post was sponsored by EMC's awesome Anti-Griefing update!

    You'll never build the same again! :D

    Darn commercials :D (sorry, I had to vent!)

    So anyway, this evening LBoss, Aya & me were busy reviving an old Frontier build. Finally! I had a room there which I never finished building, LB was interested in getting his own room and Aya also decided to tag along. At one time I needed some stone (plain) so the idea was to smelt some cobble. Unfortunately there was no coal to be found in the entire build! :(

    BUT... fear not! I soon thought of something else:

    This actually works :D

    Here I was hoping that the powerful dragon energy would easily smelt 4 stacks of cobble for me but unfortunately only 8 blocks got processed before the furnace ran out. Oh well.... I guess we'll have to wait for Momentus to show up again :D

    (we decided to head back to town, grab supplies and then we'll head back out again. /gtp ftw!).
  2. "I had to use a Dragon Stone to smelt cobble!" #firstworldproblems
    Like burning cash to stay warm... :confused:

    But seriously, Aikar, this needs a fix. If someone's willing to toss Dragon Stones in the furnace, it should at least smelt a stack of blocks before it runs out!
  3. So you used a (dragon) stone, to cook stone, to get stone?
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  4. And a headache, but yes :)

    For people wondering: I had access to an enderchest in this Frontier build and I was also in a pretty funny mood. Curiously I figured I might as well try, and this is the result. But I agree: it should either be disabled or at least react like a coal block.
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  5. Afaik that's not possible. For the Minecraft Server, the Dragon Stone is still a regular renamed piece of coal and will therefore only smelt 8 items.

    That said, I could be wrong. Aikar has done amazing things in the past, so who knows ;)
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  6. That Was Good Timing :p
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  7. but a fragment is renamed flint and that turns 2 renamed coal? :confused:

    so i think theres defo some magic possible ^.^
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  8. Also When you said

    Can you /gtp in to town.. then /gtp to someone in the frontier?
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  9. Yes and no :D (my favourite answer).

    Normally this doesn't work. You cannot /gtp from one world to the other, with one major exception: the protected areas near the outpost. We build a railroad which practically leads to that area. So while Aya was waiting near the railroad and grabbed stuff from her /vault I teleported to my storage, also grabbed supplies and when I was done a mere /gtp was enough to get back to the railroad again :)
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  10. I was talking to Shel, but the "deep" in question was on myself. I was thinking he was using a DS fragment & said "you can't smelt with flint". He corrected me & hence my "deep"

    However, I will say that the timing was impeccable for the screenshot!
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