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  1. The LSCC is a new wild community I am creating on EMC which will be made up of the most capable, intellectual, artistic and diplomatic people I can find.

    The plan is to have the group made up of a maximum of 25 people including myself, divided into two teams of 12 united under my leadership. The two teams will compete against each other and each have 50% of the base.

    The base shall be a renewable goods factory from Y: 1 to Y:128, and an artistic metropolis from Y:128 to Y:256. The plan shall be to have each team economically autonomous, selling their resources to big malls in exchange for money, which is shared equally among each team. I will take the side of the weaker team to assist them.

    Every 2 weeks, members will be redistributed to make the teams more even.

    The base will continually be expanding, and branch mining operations will be run.

    If you want to know more, join.

    If you want to join, message me.
  2. Well, this one's in the wild, it's out of the way of the mainstream Town communities. If you don't wanna join, please don't mess in our business.
  3. Oh, okay, that's fine.
    We wish to supply some big shops.
  4. The society is going to be largely secretive and extremely selective of members.
    The meaning of LSCC is closed to members.
    The name of the server is closed to members.
    Plans are closed to members.
    I'm starting now.
    We have yet to establish a base, but we've got big plans.
    The secrecy is integral to the concept, if you really really wish to know, you'll need to join.
  5. It's a community with a focus on business. Everyone gets a roughly equal share of the income, can't go into details.
  6. We're in the wild, we can supply megastores using resource operations.
  7. I'd like to ask you all; what kind of group can I even make if you're gonna criticize me every time I revise a group to make it less threatening?
  8. Okay, then, I'll publicize more stuff.
  9. Anyone know any other problems with this, apart from the livemap problem, which I do not have the funds to solve? If not, this is good to go.
  10. Few things that will kills a new wild base : Too many rules will make people not want to join, having a rank system in your community will make some members arrgorant of their somewhat power telling members what to do "micromanage" and majority of people would leave because of the I would I wouldn't like a 13 year bossing me around. Let members do what they want than having a job system just focusing in one thing. A prime example of a community who tried your way was Delta Team and see what happen to their clan mostly highest member. Only reason LLO is successful because we have little key rules, everyone is equel statues and you are free to come and go as you please.
  11. Well, there's no official hierarchy, each team is free to set their hierarchy, I just keep everything in check as the leader to make sure nobody is doing anything bad, and I can't ban anyone without a community vote to ratify it.
    There's no rules, just don't do anything that will be unbeneficial to the group.
    The teams are posed with the objective of producing more and making more money from it than their opposition.

    I think I might open up the group to anyone to come as they please until we get 25 members.
  12. It's not really town-focused, it's art-focused.
  13. I don't see anything that is actually wrong with this idea. The only thing that doesn't particularly sit right with me is the sharing of income, but he's changed that idea so dramatically from his 10M rupees project that it is a massive improvement that isn't self-centered.

    There is no reason for all the hate that 72volt is getting. If you don't like his ideas, you don't have to post, and you certainly shouldn't make it so others won't. If you can find an actual flaw in his plan, tell him. For the kind of project he's planning, secrecy is likely important. Or did we forget the fact that the LLO is burned to the ground every other week? He can't make progress if he's spending so much of his time/effort rebuilding what some idiot broke.
  14. 72, I honestly like the idea. I can only really see two flaws in your plan. One, money pooling is not dry effective in minecraft. It's way to easy for someone to cut a bigger share for different people, or just keep all the money for themselves. This could be solved by a plugin likely, but I doubt Aikar has time to add one. The biggest is that your leading it. Undeinably, you have a reallocate low rep. And it's a hard thing to recover. So, not many people will join this if they think your a scammer. I suggest if you want to actually make this work, you will need to build up a reputation first.
  15. Thanks for pointing all this out, it's hugely appreciated :)
  16. If there is suspicion that one of the two messengers for each team is pooling the money unfairly, a vote will be held to remove them.

    As for my reputation, the combined reputation of our members will suffice.
  17. If congress is fair it makes the President fair?
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  18. Shun the non-believers, but this is one of the few posts that actuslly makes sense by 72!!
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  19. The point isn't that I'm going to be corrupt (I'm not), the point is that even if one distrusts me, they can trust the rest of the group.
  20. however, im interested. im going.