The iPhone 5

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  1. Honestly, just screw Apple. They can't do anything Google does right.
  2. This is the phone i've had since my 11th birthday

    I will be getting a samsung phone for my 13th because
    1) It's easier to program on
    2) Easier ways to do things
    3) It's not limited, like iPhone. I don't need an iTunes to buy music.
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  3. Nice
  4. I do some android things (I did some graphical work on an android app and some of its coding...I, surprisingly, forgot what it's called) and have made a Minecraft Mod API and an actual Minecraft mod...
    I've been playing with some project zomboid mod development for a few hours with my newly bought PZ. Just a few edits to the farming mod.
  5. It's not all about size personally I prefer the look of the iPhone and I prefer the apps lay out and the simplicity

    *My Opinion*
    But I do like apple better than others, its basic, I find androids confusing.
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  7. Your signed up as an apple dev? I want to , but dont have the money to sign up. i think its like 300$ a year.
  8. What is a apple dev?
  9. Apple Developer- Makes apps for itunes
  10. Good point.
    The iPhone series is great for people who arent all nit-picky about technical details, and people who want their phone to work and be simple. Android systems are perfect for people who want the very best when it comes to technical details. Tech enthusiasts go for Android systems, as they provide the best customization available. Android systems are the best, hardware wise. I find them to be the best usage wise too, but that is a matter of opinion. Think of it like this.
    iPhone series= Ubuntu.
    Android series= Kubuntu
    Both are good, but Kubuntu is much better if you are really into computers. If you dont care about getting the best customization or performance, Ubuntu is probably the best choice out of the two for you.
    Basically: iPhone=simple and easy to use, but it isnt the best. Android systems= harder to use, but they overall offer the best in all categories:)
  11. I find all apple products pretty basic.
    I might get a android once I a little better with electronics.
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  12. "zomg slide to unlock im gonna sue them for stealing or idea, even though it has nothing to do with us!" -Apple.
    and honestly, i think android is much better nowadays only because you dont have to pay more than 500$ on a fragile piece of glass and silicon.
    but lo i do infact have an iphone, only because my parents wouldnt let me get a "robot phone made in china that was not legit and trustable". i kid you not my parents still have yet to look and see where the iphones are made. sure not in USA, Canada or Mexico.
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  13. Oh. My. God... Hilarious! xD
  14. This was an actual conversation that happened between me and a friend:

    Me: So, you getting the iPhone 4S like I told you to?

    Friend: No, I ordered the 5, it'll be in in about a month.

    Me: Really?! How much did that cost compared to the 4S?!

    Friend: $100 dollars more.

    Me: Are you kidding me?! What new features were there that made it worth it?!

    Friend: Well, it has a faster processor-

    Me: Barely a feature.

    Friend: Well, it's longer and thinner-

    Me: Not a feature.

    Friend: And, it comes in a different coloration, and that's ot.

  15. Seriously, your friend could have gotten a iPhone 4S not much of a difference, If you wanted different colors, there are cases for that. I might
  16. :I
  17. Actually that's incorrect and I don't know where it comes from. Before the update to iOS 6, the "YouTube" app on iPhone was just apple's video player with YouTube searching. After the update, that YouTube button mysteriously disappeared, so without thinking much about it, I searched the apple store. Lo and behold, I now have the official YouTube app for iPhone (a google app), and it works just fine. In fact, in some ways it's better than the previous YouTube "app". And I also have google chrome for iPhone. And the blogger app (also owned by google).

    So I don't understand where this "no more google apps on iPhone" rumor comes from...
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  18. An iPhone 4S is what I have, and I see no reason to get the iPhone 5 at this time. It offers me nothing that don't already have with my 4s.
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