The iPhone 5

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  1. I dont get the no google apps because of the same.

    All it is, is google and apples agreement ends and then apple thinking they can make maps magical by adding:
    Apple maps the best thing to happen to maps since maps

    is wrong without google we would be LOST!!
  2. Actually, the reason apple made their own maps app is because of a restriction by google. I'm pretty sure anyway. Ever notice that in the previous google maps app on iPhone, you couldn't get turn by turn voice navigation? That's because in google's terms (for devs probably) voice navigation was restricted from use by third parties (iOS for example). Which is why all android phones have voice navigation from google maps.

    Overall, this doesn't affect me. I use the mapquest app. :)
  3. Im pretty sure its only $100.
    The only thing I hate about wanting to be an apple dev is that the reviewing process would take so long compared to android.
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  4. Windows 8=Windows Phone
  5. And as a result my iPhone doesn't have 30 viruses on it :)
  6. Well, at the bottom, click on the link to the other article.
  7. I only got my iPhone 4s because my father offered to buy it for my birthday present...and it is definitely over-rated...

    The iPhone 5 is not anything amazing that would make me want to buy it, so i Wont.
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  8. Oh, here's a funny quote by Steve Jobs.
  9. Sources?
  10. Btw, I laughed a lot the first time I saw that iPhone 5 parody with the really tall screen. However, when I saw the street performer with a guitar interface on it, I thought that would be the perfect use for something so ridiculously long.
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  11. Yes but I don't get it. Can't the street performer sell the iPhone 5?
  12. Hahaha! I found this one as well.

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