The iPhone 5

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  1. Do you like the iPhone 5 coming out??
  2. Numbers larger than 2 scare me.
  3. Two words: Over rated.
  4. Well,Since Im an Android dev :) :
  5. Your like Valve!!!
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  6. as a apple dev. I like the way its easy to program.
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  7. It's too expensive for me.
  8. I like it, I would rather carry a portable phone than a tablet *cough* Galaxy s3 *cough*
  9. I don't get why every one says the iPhone will be super long like a light saber? The Galaxy 3s is longer xD
  10. *sigh* You totally dont get it. Apple was like "We made something amazing!!!!" When really, they should have said "We made something that has been outdated for months!" Apple was touting their new "larger screen" as if it was never thought of before. Im not sure you actually know what a Galaxy S3 is, since you seem to think it is a tablet.
    Here is a size comparison. Notice that the S3 has a lot more screen to it than the already outdated iphone5 does.
  11. And Thats why kids, I Develop for Android instead of Iphone :p
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  12. And I develop for both i phone mac and minecraft
  13. ?
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  14. The iPhone 5 is way overrated. The Droid is where it's at.

    This is the kind of person who would line up for one, by the way.
  15. I help program Macs, IOS devices (i phones) and Minecraft mods
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  16. Well,Since I dont have a mac,I can only dev for Android and Windows 7 Phone :(

    And ofcurose minecraft :)
  17. My phone is a bawss! :p
  18. I just said this same thing on my friend's facebook wall. :D
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  19. Don't forget no more youtube on apple devices. Or any other google apps.