The Hunger Games! (in minecraft)

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Do you think a minecraft Hunger Games is a good idea?

Yes, put it on! 79 vote(s) 95.2%
No, bad idea. 4 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. I'm sure you've heard of it. The Hunger Games, the latest huge-hype movie
    I've been reading the books over the past week, and was thinking: what if we did a minecraft version?

    24 contestants, thrust into a random biome on a temporary server, with scattered chests holding weapons and food, and a few admins/gamemakers around to help make things interesting. And of course we'd film it. Perhaps a live feed, or maybe edited highlights after the event.

    Anyway, tell me what you think of the idea. I would need help from some of the larger players for prizes, and someone with a server that can support around 30 people.
  2. I really hope this comes in to play.
    This would be one of the awesomest things ever to be in EMC.
  3. If it can be constructed well i think it would be a huge success.
  4. Yeah but it wouldn't be that great.People could just log out whenever they want,if you disqualify them well many people are disconected by the server ..."Connection Reset".
    So that would really kill the excitement of the event.
  5. Yes but it would be SO fun to jump down from a tree with all diamond Armour on and a diamond sword and kill everyone for food.:D
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  6. JabrZer0 and I came up with this idea and proposed it to Justin a few months ago. He seemed to enjoy the idea. If he decides to do it, we would definitely make it a MineCast episode :p
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  7. i have that a idea a long time....

    (if i could make a server :p)
  8. oh yeahh this wil be sick i will voulunteer to be 1 contestant from smp5
  9. I like the idea, but there's already a huge thread talking about PVP on the servers. I haven't churned through all the posts recently to know which way people are leaning, but this would definitely require some form of pvp (obviously).

    That being said, if it gets passed through and becomes a possibility, I'll sponsor it.

    Edit: Fixed Typos :)
  10. freakin' career haha
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  11. yeah this sound cooler than a pvp
  12. Awesome!!!
    If this comes as an EMC version, I will be the Male Volunteer from smp3 :).
    Wait.. we would need 12 servers, not only 8 O_O
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  13. ?
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  14. Ill be from smp2 cuz its my original server! Let me do some pvp training with my bro ob his server now!
  15. The career group from the Hunger Games that always volunteered and were frowned upon by the other districts. I was just making a joke/reference is all
  16. lol i would be the male from smp1 XD
  17. i see
  18. malel smp5 Woot Woot
  19. District 5 isnt a career district......
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  20. 1,2, and 4 are
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