The how 2 (blank) series

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  1. Okokok this iz very ez k?

    So first u buy wither skulls dey like 3.5k each or sumtin rite? So dats 10,500r

    Den u go and u kill wither on diff 1

    Den u sell nether star 4 like 14-17k and u maked muny!

    Pls like subsibe abd share so i can make ad revenue pls and thx :)))
  2. Made me lol.
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  3. This is actually a pretty good tip! Thank you, maybe sometime I will try it! =)
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  4. The only one making the real rupee here is the one selling the wither skulls.
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  5. Yes, but doesnt the one selling the stars make the rupees aswell?
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  6. Your investment by buying the skulls is 10.5k 10.5k - 17k = 6.5k

    So the skull seller is actually making 10.5k while you the buying is only making 6.5k only after you've killed the Wither for the star.

    So yes both of you are making the rupees but the one making the most is the wither skull seller.
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  7. Getting skulls isn't easy though. The profits aren't just 10.5k out of nowhere if you count in the time it takes. It takes a farm and a ton of digging to make it efficient which could take years for a normal player. Without a farm hunting takes quite a while too. The player selling the skulls probably isn't making as much of a profit if you count the time.
  8. But once you make a farm, it pays for itself. ;)
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  9. --looks at over stack of skulls from NHG-- ummm, if you guys say so....
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  10. The main issue: EMC economy does not work in logical ways.
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  11. Agreed, the sats shoukd cost 3 wither skulls so this doesnt happen, but lol, ise it while u can xd
  12. Lemmie let u in on a secret, i buy them for 2k each at chrisflaerons ;)
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  13. Well that's darn cheap but I get mine for free when I kill them @ the NHG.
  14. Let you in on another secret - Chris kills them at NHG lol.
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  15. 'Tis very good advice, yes. Have used b4. Can now use to destroy EMC buy lots of promos
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  16. Chevron stock. Easy money. Buy it.
  17. Lol im lazy doe
  18. Unlike chris imma lazy bum
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  19. Thanks, will use this technique when I need some rupees. :D Tis is vewry gut matrial fot thq vewers. I wil getyou revnue for yu. :D