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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft.
    I have had this idea in my mind for a few months and now I will share it with you.


    What this is is a huge building that will show how to craft every item in mincecraft.
    (Maybe every item) And it will show how to get the items. It will be a huge project that
    will be on my utopia res as this is huge. So like how to makea door will be the 3x3 grid made with
    item frames on the wall showing how, with a description of what it is. There will be different sections for different types of items. Like an example would be like this. (The wall blocks and what the whole building will be decided later on if this goes well)

    I think this project will be helpful to new players who do not know how to craft
    some items. (Like a Minecraft wiki)

    If you would like to Donate that will help this project go faster
    and help and you shall be mentioned in the entrance and will be shown on this thread.
    The blocks to build the whole thing shall be determined later on. Rupees and items
    to be used in it will be very helpful.

    I hope you enjoy this Idea :) I tried to explain the most I could. If you have any questions
    feel free to ask me here or when I am online.

    Thanks :)

    Other notes:
    Gadget_AD Is helping to build this
    So is Olaf_C
    And Jknrlz
    And Gooddumbdog

    Project is res 5129 Utopia!

    GameKribJim - 10k
    Jake_Bagby - 5k
    Gooddumbdog - 10,151r
    StormLoGic - 10k and lots of items
    Jknrlz - 4.5 Dcs of tons and tons of items
    Olaf_C - 10k
    Nick_Godoly - 10k and a lot of Item frames!
    5weety - 10k!
    MitchD2000 - 3,250r
    generalfelino015 - 15k

    Progress Video - (Updated every time there is new)
  2. cool!
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  3. can't wait!
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  4. Anybody know where Demon can find a 5 DCs of Item Frames?
  5. Looks great,but the internet is faster to use and it will take time to complete..
  6. awesome!
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  7. Great idea! It would be better though to start with common, but less obvious items like trapdoors, droppers, hoppers, sticky pistons, fence gates and such. I think everyone knows how to make things like sticks and workbench so won't be really need but will take up space and money.
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  8. There could be different sections. Like basic, Difficult, hard to remember, ect
  9. I think cake would be the only one in " hard to remember "
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  10. Sweet idea and im proud to say im helping in this. :)
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  11. A Big Thank you to GameKribJim who Donated 10,000 rupees :)
  12. Big Thanks To GameKribJim for a donation of 10k! :)
  13. The item frames are gonna cost you the bomb, I'll donate later when I get online. :)

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  14. Instead of putting them in 'simple, hard' etc. I think you should put them in sections similar to a shop system like 'Redstone, Wooden items' etc. as I think that would be much easier to follow than people having to guess whether the recipe is 'simple or hard'. :)

    Also, I will donate some item frames for you! :)
  15. We started building and we need mostly these items right now.
    Redstone lamps
    Birch wood
    Birch leaves.

    This is mostly what we need now.
    If we need any other things I will say.
    We are gonna go get some things later also :)

    ps. Gadget_AD Really wants a Diamond Member ship. So if you really want to give him it, it is fine by me.He wont stop asking lol...
  16. Thanks for your idea i think we might use it. :)
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  17. By the way guys guys read post 15 and make sure to read small print xD :)
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  18. Bedtime Bump!
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  19. Wow this is a very big project! Good luck on it, it looks like it will take a long while :p
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  20. Thanks, it will take a we while but hopefully not that long if we get donations and such things. Read post 15 to see what we need. :)
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