The Future of Empire Minecraft?

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  1. You tell me, what is going to happen.
    In around a year or 40 years, what shall happen?
    I don't know? You tell me.
    Dragon Tombs?
    What will Empire Minecraft be like in 20 Years from now?
  2. Well, JustinGuy has returned multiple times... he might do another one soon.

    And Dragon Tombs, I'm seeing them in maybe 18 months...
  3. Sorry, but the real question is, what will Minecraft all together be like in the next decade? Will it still be a franchise or will it be an old game like tetris?

    And... I think that Justin is somewhere between 20 - 40 years old and... why would a 60 or an 80 year old be playing minecraft then... ;3 :p
    It's all about Retirement xD
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  4. He's like, 28 or something.

    And he hasn't entirely disappeared. He's still keeping his res's by voting.
  5. Lets not talk bout Justin anymore, back to the topic :p
  6. EMC will be run on Minecraft 6.2.4 with all the current popular mods in the game as vanilla. FTB is a backwards modpack, removing content from the game.
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  7. Maybe we will have a virtual reality interface, so you think you are actually in the Minecraft world.
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  8. Like...maybe....idk....THE OCULUS RIFT?
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  9. Aikar will have thoroughly destroyed the economy of EMC and will have started a nuclear war.
  10. Dragon tombs :) hehehe
  11. Purple Shoe Car.. That is all
  12. The future? Nuke.
  13. I beg your pardon :rolleyes:
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  14. We are already - remember The Matrix :eek:
  15. No, just no...
  16. Dragon tombs. I just want dragon tombs.
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  17. Hmm, the future of EMC.

    Well, the first thing that will happen, is Minecraft 2. Whatever that will be. At this time EMC will be too big to be ignored by Mojang any longer. They will recognize that the way we do things are the best ways, and make us the 100% dedicated Minecraft server. You will be able to access EMC from any device that supports any version of Minecraft. Whether it be Mobile, your favorite console, or your PC.

    Then, after all the staff members of EMC are done swimming in their new found riches, we will realize, why stop at Minecraft? Why stop at any game made by someone else? We will develop our own game. And, it will be the first game ever made entirely while the Dev Team were in space. Because why not. The Game will simply be titled 'Dust Bunnies'. ' What a silly name' you might say, but do not let the name fool you. Our popularity will be so high, we know that anyone would buy it no matter the name. Of course it will have multiplayer, that will hosted to EMC standards.

    We will then develop our own console. Called 'Super System of Sassy Superiority' or the S4. What will be unique about this system you may ask? Well I will tell you. You will be able to place diodes on directly to your forehead, and close your eyes, and the game will be IN your head. Oh yes. Can't get much cooler than that right? Wrong. When you open your eyes again after playing countless hours of intense 'Dust Bunnies 3: Under the Couch' on your S4, you will find yourself in our 'Empire Space Station in Space' (E3S) that will be orbiting around Pluto, which will of course be renamed to 'This is a planet because we said so, and this is the name'. It will be a constant party. Video games everywhere, free hands on experiences with our new in development console (the S4*2) and a free ticket for instant back home teleportation if you were to become homesick.

    After all that we will of course make the USS Enterprise, but instead we will call it the USS Empire. USS, will not stand for 'United Earth Space Ship' it will stand for 'Universal Space Sasscraft'. We will then travel the universe, delivering our massive gaming experiences to worlds unknown. Letting them know how a true server should be run. EMC will be a giant, a legend.... an Empire.

    Then Dragon Tombs will be released.
  18. "Can't get much cooler than that right? WRONG" XD
  19. This guy. This guy just warmed my heart knowing we may have this. ~FD
  20. Who says there has to be anything, we could all be dead, who knows right?
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