The Funniest Thing About Today

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by _Levy_McGarden_, May 27, 2016.

  1. LOLOL so I was farming Ninja_Burger_CAt's burger head and I was ambushed by a zombie pigman. I dropped my head and when I respawned it was wearing a burger head :p

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  2. funny that m8
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  3. Can we say funny things irl? And zombie burger man
  4. lol, that is pretty funny indeed. I can imagine that it must have been quite weird, fighting burger all of a sudden (or did they turn into a zombie pigman? :eek:). Thanks for sharing!

    Say, if you want to see more funny stuff you should consider checking out the 'that moment when...' thread :) Better yet: join us there once you got more funny stuff to share! :)
  5. And I have another prob. today

  6. I had a similar issue...

    And yesterday or day before Rhy went afk... what a mistake.

  7. I am finally safe lol I got stuck me and my alt and I had to escape without dying it was angering me XD