The first skeleton horse!

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  1. Is he the first? I don't know but he's my first!

    Isn't he beautiful?

    This is when I first found him. I had to fight 3 skelly riders for him! There were 4 but 2 got into a fight with each other and 1 died (pretty funny).

    Here he is after I named him.

    Here I am riding him.

    At first I wasn't sure what to do with him. You can't eggify them or put leads on them and I wasn't carrying a saddle with me. I was really worried that he would despawn before I got back with one. When I right-clicked him with my bare hand nothing happened but when I crouched with a saddle in my had hid inventory opened up and I was able to put it on. I can't tell you how excited I was!

    My first thought was "how will I get him to town?" Then the idea hit me that I could use the virtual stable! I stabled him and brought him to town.

    Now here's the bad part. I got back to town, unstabled him and road him around a little. I then dismounted and when I tried to get back on I couldn't!

    Noooooo! Aikar why would you tease me like this!

    As you can all imagine I have a lot of questions.

    First, can you please fix my pony? I'll be your best friend, I promise!

    Second, was this all some type of glitch? If so, can you please fix my pony?

    Third, if this was just a glitch will he end up de-spawning? I named him with a nametag and he has my saddle.

    Fourth, If he despawns will I get my saddle back?

    And fifth, Do I get some type of awsome reward for bringing the first skelly horse back to town? I really think I should. Maybe you could fix my pony?

    One last thing, I have cash. If I were to make a donation you think you could fix my pony? I'm not above bribery! Serious.

    Ok it was really an awesome experience no matter what happens!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Wow! So excited for your discovery, please try breeding the skelly horse with another and tell us what happens. :)
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  3. Yeah, in my opinion this is a bug and should be resolved. Either way, congrats on getting one to town! :)
  4. Grats on getting the skele horse and If I got one I would name mine Spartan's Royal Ride lol
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  5. Yeah I tried feeding him a golden carrot but he wouldn't take it. I wonder what you'd get if you crossed a skeleton horse with a regular one. Maybe a zombie horse? :D

    I'm guessing this is some sort of glitch but it sure would be a great supporter perk!
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  6. Yeah. Not supposed to be able to do that. I don't understand why you can't get back on him in town.
    Fix to deploy later since you are not supposed to be able to ride them (at this time).

    What message do you get when you try to ride this horse now? And is it on your residence?
  7. Are we not supposed to be able to ride with because EMC doesn't want us to?
  8. Congratulations! Those creatures are rare and elusive, also why would EMC not wanting us riding them?
  9. That's, for lack of a better word, a dumb thing to do. Not many aspects of Vanilla have been blocked and to block an aspect we would all love?
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  10. It's on my res and when I right-click on him nothing happens. I'm not getting any message.

    It's weird that I was able to stable him like a regular horse.

    Do you have to take him? He's just wandering looking cool. I'd hate to see him go. :(

    Is this gonna be a supporter perk?

    Are you able to ride them in vanilla?
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  11. Yea what Shadow said, how come we cant ride them yet??
  12. Not necessarily. They don't behave the same as regular horses. with being untameable (unless spawned in tamed).
    So they just fit in differently to the server than normal horses. They have a place, that place just has not been properly identified yet.
  13. Well, here is how I see it being.
    • Prize from killing Skeleton Trap Skeletons
      • Can't eggify
      • First player to mount it is the rightful owner
      • Can be stabled
    That is it, I believe I have it all covered. You can't breed them so I see nothing wrong with leaving them as they should be.
  14. Yeah. I don't see why you couldn't ride him from there (no intentional code blocking that). As mentioned in prior post, these skeleton horses just work differently...
    Probably not going to take him. If that's okay. Plan is to eventually get them in the hands of EMC players, you will have just got it early.

    How they will be accessible later, is still to be determined at a later time. After we get the critical bugs fixed.
  15. Yeah I'd like to keep him. Thanks
  16. I can't even ride your horse... Something is broke. But I don't even see any code where we are blocking access to these horses. It just doesn't work.
    **Before my code change that will deploy tonight**

    We will fully disable for now. And re-enable when we get a better handle on the situation (all of pre-release testing, they wouldn't work).
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  17. :eek: Indiana Bones will live !!!
  18. I's weird because I mounted and dismounted several times in the wild and he worked fine. I wonder if stabling him had something to do with it?

    Also, you can't spawn hostile mobs in town without a special tag. I wonder if the town code is viewing him as hostile and maybe that's why he isn't working right?
  19. Nuuuuu. I wanted my skelly horse! :p
  20. gratz on skeleton horse, thats SOO cool!!

    if something happens to ur horse and u cant get saddle then PM me; ill give u other saddle back.
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