The Fight Over Graphics (Go above 1080p?)

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What are you aware of the most when you play a new video game?

A. The Gameplay 30 vote(s) 50.0%
B. The Sound Effects, Music, and Voice (If there is any.) 1 vote(s) 1.7%
C. The Graphics 6 vote(s) 10.0%
D. The Game's Length 3 vote(s) 5.0%
E. All of the Above 20 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. For years, many of us gamers want to be seeing the highest graphics available, but this kind of fight won't last forever. As more of the gaming devices reach the Full HD level, the fight against graphics will become less. Once nearly all companies' gaming devices reach the 1080p level, developers will be forced to focus on the gameplay of the future games.

    Be free to respond with any other comments about this fight!
  2. 1. The Game's Life Cycle
    2. Ease of Playability
    3. No Exploits
    4. Terrific Sound
    5. Intricate Story
    6. Refined Multiplayer
    7. Innovation
    7 Things I want it a game.
  3. Then Games will become more indepth and more interseting :D
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  4. While I do think that graphics are important, I do also think that the graphics should not be the first thing that is focused on by the developers.
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  5. The things I look for in a game:
    1. Gameplay.
    2. Creativity.
    3. The soundtrack.
    4. Multiplayer.
    5. Replayability. Games that have infinite replayability I love, which is why I like Minecraft & spore.
  6. In no specific order
    1. Playtime / replayability
    2. Difficulty (doesn't always have to be difficult, but must always have a goal / challenge) - i lean towards difficult games normally.
    3. Multiplayer - generally co-op is what I care about (i can explain more if requested)
    4. Depth - broadness - games with multiple paths are favorites
  7. I like
    3.Story Line
    4. Graphics
    Games i play :p
    Portal 1 + 2
    Call Of Duty
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  8. If we only cared about graphics, I doubt we'd be playing minecraft :p
  9. What I look for-
    1. Campaign story, Re-playable, fun, in-depth, etc.
    2. Soundtrack, I love games soundtracks., especially fall outs.
    3. difficulty, I usually play games on the hardest difficulty for that extra challenge.
    4. Creativity, I don't like games that use the same map for lets say dungeons, make them different and fun to explore.
  10. I play the games that I want to play, regardless of graphics, sounds, etc. Some of the games I want to play or have absolutely loved don't have the fancy graphics, or great sound... So I guess what I'm saying is, it's all about the gameplay for me.

    Plus, the graphics race will never end. Once everything reaches full hd as standard, moving everything to 3d will be the next standard, then moving everything to holographic projection. :) it'll never end
  11. In the newer Mario games, each course is unique in some way.
  12. I guess there's overall 3 steps that all of those computer engineers have to get past right now:

    1. A High Enough Resolution
    2. Non-Glass Requiring 3D Screen
    3. Holographic Screen
  13. the iPad has more than 1080p graphics.
  14. You mean the iPad 3 specifically and the only reason why Apple can get devices above HD right is because they do a lot of optimizing with their products.
    I'm talking about the gaming based devices, not the social based devices that I call for Apples', Googles', etc. mobile devices. I'm talking about the devices from either Nintendo and Microsoft.
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  15. So what, exactly, is stopping the next SONY console from being optimized to the same specifications? Just seems strange.

    Also, I don't really care about graphics.. at all. If I want amazing graphics, I'll go outside.
  16. Um Haven't you heard.
    The PS Orbitz or whatever is going to have the power to project 10800p
    Thats right 10 times more power than 1080p
    Although it will have the capibility to it wont for a few more years until they make tvs for that/
  17. I find "outside" to have terrible graphics.
    Is it just me or does minecraft have better graphics then real life?
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  18. Bah, outsides' only in 2160p (more or less). I'm waiting for ultrahd (from futurama) - better resolution than the real world.
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  19. Its so smooth, TERRIBLE graphics!! its like "real life"
  20. You just aren't wearing your HD sunglasses.