The Empire Trading Hive (ETH)

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  1. I'd like to use the strength and efficiency of many people contributing to a common goal to build a 'Group Managed' Infinite Villager trading Residence.

    Some players already do this among themselves as friends. I'd like to try and take this further, and bigger. The more people involved, and contributing, means more villagers to ALL members to use.

    The idea:
    • A Residence containing many Infinite Villagers.
    • The Residence will also have huge amounts of sugarcane, etc, for trading.
    • Veted members will have 'trade' flag to allow trading with villagers.
    • These 'veted' members will have proven they understand how 'not' to break villagers.
    • Members will all contribute to increasing the different trades available, by creating new Infinite Villagers.
    • Members keep everything they trade, or donate for others Members to use.
    ETH Members Roles and Responsibilities:

    ETH Admin: ( SamsimX, Ninjaboy5656, NZScruffy )
    Admin are the owners and decision makers of The Empire Trading Hive. Responsible for making sure members follow rules, and review any players wishing to become members.
    • This is an Invite-Only role. You cannot Apply
    • They have ‘admin’ flag on the residence to do anything required.
    • Reviews member applicants and approves new members.
    • Can remove members from residence who break any rules of the project.
    • Collectively decide on changes/improvements to the project.
    ETH Member:
    Members are approved players with unlimited access to the infinite villagers.
    • You will have ‘villager’ ‘tp’ ‘namedtp’ flags, for unlimited access to all villagers.
    • Free access to sugarcane.
    • Must follow admin rules/instructions.
    • Contribute to creation of new Infinite Villagers
    • Admin may revoke your membership if any rules/conditions are broken.
    Member Review process:
    All players will follow this process for membership.
    • Apply for membership here.
    • An ETH Admin will contact you after reviewing the application
    • You will be supervised while you create an infinite villager.
    • You will sign a book confirming you accept the ETH conditions of members.
    • Congratulations, you are a member, with full access to the ETH.
    EMC Players (non-members):
    • Have ‘move’ and ‘tp’ flags, but not ‘enderpearl’ ‘namedtp’ or ‘villager’ flags.
    • Have access to the ground level of ETH. With shops, etc.
    The one major problem here is simply that there is no way to fully protect the villagers from being broken. And the chance that just one player might decide to cause harm and deliberately break all villagers. There is no guarantee of respectful conduct.
    I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on this, how could it be made to work and benefit the most number of people?
    My thoughts on processes for making this work:

    Q: How do i get Membership access to the Residence?
    A: The player will be asked to create an Infinite Villager under the supervision of an administrator of the Residence. This proves to existing members that the player is knowledgeable of how it such villager trading works. It also contributes to the benefits of the Residence for all members. The applicant will then sign a book saying they read and understand how to 'not' break a villager, and any rules/policies of membership.

    Q: What are the conditions and benefits of Membership?
    A: Ideally, this wants to be as simple/free as possible for players, but also ensure security of the area and villagers. We must constantly be replacing, and increasing numbers of Infinite Villagers of all types. As well as supplying as much as possible the resources used for trading to Villagers.
    • Only Members have 'move' flag for residence. This prohibits non-members from abusing shops, or cheap resources.
    • Auto-shops will be set up to supply sugarcane, and other resources used for trading. At a fairly cheap price. The profit will go back into paying players to make more Infinite Villagers.
    • Shops setup to allow players to buy/sell Emeralds or other key things for trading.
    • Members keep everything they trade for. And could even just trade for emeralds and sell to onsite shop, for other members to then buy and use to trade other things, etc. Or members may take whatever they trade and do anything they wish with.
    • Admin's of the area will have ability to give TEMPORARY ability to eggify and spawn villagers, for creating new ones. Admin's will always be present while other players are creating villagers to make sure not 'funny business' happens to harm the project. lol And will remove spawn/eggify flags from players once the job is done. This way, only a select few players are able to remove/add villagers and limits risk of loosing good infinite villagers.
    • There MAY be some sort of 'membership cost', if more money is needed to keep the residence maintained and growing, but we'd prefer not to be costing anyone anything.
    • If any member is found abusing conditions of membership (rules), they will be instantly removed from the residence, with no refund of anything contributed to the project. (goes without saying really. But I hope that will never happen).
    Q: How or Who provides all the Villagers for trading, nd resources to trade with?
    A: I and others will create Infinite Villagers. Each new member to the area will create an Infinite Villager of their choice. We'll also use any profit we can make to pay players to make more Infinite Villagers. Contributions/Donations to the project will be recoded and greatly appreciated. It all goes to benefit ALL Members. :)

    OK. that's all i have for now. I'll continue more later.
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  2. Welcome aboard Samsimx and ninjaboy5656. These two will be admins for the project (yet to be named?)

    Building has begun (by them, not much by me yet lol)

    Project Location: 12060 SMP6 (south side of PVP arenas)
    Move will be turned off while the project is being built, and will probably remain off to all except members.
    To get there, just visit the PVP arenas and head south. - /v pvp

    Even as we build, we'll be looking for key contributors to get villagers up and running, and grow membership as we go, continually growing the number of villagers.
  3. Ninjaboy and I have been working out a few designs for the layout of the res, this will definitely be something to look forward to.

    We have designated the surface area to hold buy/sell chests where players can buy emeralds and other villager goods but also sell to us what you get from trading. The main building block is sandstone and we are going after an 'arabian marketplace' theme with the surface stalls.

    We are planning on having at least 40+ infinite villagers on the res, details aren't confirmed but to become a member there will be some form of payment so it's less likely the res can be griefed or villagers can be broken. There will be public sugar cane farms accessible to members and other perks if you commit to it.

    *This information is not 100% and is subject to change.
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  4. I've got some villagers (and possibly some other stuff) That I could contribute. :)
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  5. the only way to ensure that the villagers dont break is to keep the chunk loaded, cant do that in emc. even a vet liek samsimx could accidentally break them if his internet goes out. its just a bad idea lol ill stick to using my own
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  6. Theres no penalty to breaking them, we have plans to have enough villagers in back stock that this won't be a huge problem. Main thing we are asking from users is to be respectful and we will try our hardest to keep the people who would intentionally break them out.
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  7. I would like to be a member when you open up membership.
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  8. Hmm... ok, not sure what you meant by this. :)

    Yes, villagers can be broken. As easily in your own private res as on a community res. The advantage here is that we'll be replacing and increasing the villagers using the efficiency and strength of many people, many contributors. So even though some will break, we'll have several more to replace it quickly.

    The other advantage is, if you have 2 or more players in the area at the time, and one disconnects, it's not going to break the villager. Depending on how busy we get on the res, I'm hoping we'll have people there constantly.

    And there's the possibility we can get AFKers in the area, keeping farms active, and stopping the villagers from unloading. And hence, villagers not breaking.

    Simply more good reasons to join the project, become a member, enjoy the benefits of strength of numbers.

    PS. I have.. about 14 infinite villagers, and only ever broken one due to server kicking me. I've never broken one by my own mistake. So I know it's possible to not break any at all. :)
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  9. I had a similar idea and I figured I'd just throw in my 2 cents on some ideas I came up with in the minor planning out that I did.

    Firstly, infinite villagers aren't something you can create in 1.8 ones made before it will still work but if they break they are gone forever. 1.8 is about a month away, Bukkit takes time to update, and with a lot of the changes it could take Aikar a while to make sure everything custom still works while updating. I'd say we are looking at 2-3 months until 1.8 hits and is on EMC.

    For right now this idea will fly, and you don't really have to be overly careful because it's all replaceable. My idea for the public traders I was going to do closer to 1.8 was make it so an alt had to be online for it to work. The idea is pretty simple; An area that no one can get to but the people who manage the res, with a pressure plate. You would put an alt on that pressure plate to afk and keep the chunk loaded. That pressure plate would open up the doors to the villagers so people can trade.

    This concept basically means, no one can trade with them unless one of the mangers alts is online and afk. Could work in some sort of rotation of accounts or maybe someone doesn't mind just leaving theirs on 24/7 and such.

    Starting this idea now, or something similar could prove better in the long run of things. It would mean you guys could have an unbelievable stock out of sight of working traders, so long after 1.8 hits you have many many replacements to put in for accidents if they happen.

    Anywho, let me know if you guys need any building supplies, emeralds, or anything else to help get it started. Id really like to see this happen, as the idea and concept are pretty awesome. :)
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  10. if you need any help, I could donate my sugar cane farm an 2 inf villagers (there was 6 there) to this. This was what me and GMW_I wanted to do at the end of our project but never got around it. We have a machine on the res witch fills up 42 +DC of sugar cane. If you could make me an offer if you would like that would be cool. Make sure to PM me as well if you want this. Thanks
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  11. We will have a large sugarcane farm on the res. Whether that will be sufficient to supply the res paper for trading I don't know. :) So offers of sugarcane might be useful, though we hopefuly will have a good supply of emeralds to build some villgers up straight away (without spending too much time on trading for emeralds to start with). But extra ongoing sources of sugarcane may be a good idea. So those offering sugarcane, for now, hold onto it, or use it or whatever, and if it is needed, we'll post up a request for offers again. :)

    Infinite villagers cannot be transferred from 1 res to another, they must be built on the res from scratch.

    I'm not sure what building materials we need at this stage, but Samsimx has some really good ideas/plans in that regard, and can probably list anything we don't immediately have.

    Contributions/Donations: Between us 3 project admins, we have a very strong financial position, and large storage of materials. So we're pretty well set in that regard, and are willing to purchase any supplies needed. The best contribution players can offer will be their time and ideas/suggestions, to get the res up and running.

    The 3 project admins are currently hashing out systems by which players can apply for membership and conditions of membership, as well as clarification on what an admin or member is. :) This should be very straight forward, and won't take long. We'll then begin taking on those that have asked to be members, or offered contributions.

    So keep posting/PMing your interest in becoming a member, or contributing, and we'll get back to you asap.

    Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions as well.
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  12. I am interested in becoming a member and I do have a paper business if needed
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  13. Before we accept anyone as admins or members we have to work out what exactly both are. I'm sure you can make out what each will be, admins main job will be res management, making villagers etc. Members will mainly be the ones trading with the villagers.

    I am currently setting up a few chests for you who are looking to contribute some materials to the project. The chests will be buying emeralds, redstone and a few other assorted materials we may need for the project.

    We are mainly looking for suggestions and feedback at the moment, so that is welcome. :)
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  14. ive never broken my one but its only through careful planning, and slow trading. even then like you stated server can kick you and stuff. all i meant was this will be a frustrating task and i would rather just use my own safe one until i cant anymore
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  15. Scruffy, I will be willing to help make infinite paper villagers. I have made 8 paper traders so far, 1 blacksmith and a couple enchanters to max trade. Let me know if I can help. :)
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  16. if you still need help i can help with anything you need :)
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  17. Chests have been setup to buy redstone and emeralds at 12060.

    Move is turned off on the res so you'll have to do /v pvp then go south (in-between the black and green arena) and the chests are setup so you can sell 16, 32 or stacks at a time.

    Please come buy and take some of my money away. :)
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  18. We've made great progress today!

    Obviously this project will takes weeks of work to finish but we have picked a design and troubleshooting some flaws. We have started to form how you'll become a member/admin as well. Please hold back on the asking to become a member until we release the document.

    The Empire Trade Center is taking shape.
  19. Stopped by and looked at it. Was looking good.
  20. I too had this idea :p ps: scruffy is gonna destroy the emerald economy xD

    Although I don't know/don't care to know how to make an infinite villager I know that you have to be near it when the trade reloads (I got an infinite villager from bemvino87 and samsimx service) I'd like to become a member. If you're really looking for members to make more infinite villagers then count me out cuz I'm lazy. xD Also I can get you guys a lot of sugar cane if you need some.