The Empire of the Future - My vision! (Updated: 7/13/18)

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  1. no they arent? some of them are, but theres been more work on empires and alot more work on minigames. also what does that have to do with the fact that alot of the parts of this 4 year old post have been done already or are planned differently now? the op is an old post the information in it is outdated. THUS old post is old
  2. I fully disagree. Aikar is keeping this post updated, it is even mentioned that it is extremely relevant at the top, and none of the things that aren't white have been implemented.
    There is no automated support for either of these three games, as far as I know. I don't know what 'FAIR politics' means, but I haven't seen any changes. There aren't other competitions with leaderboards. I haven't ever heard of tokens being awarded for someone winning an event.
  3. I am planning to update this post soon.

    White items are still TODO, green is done, some are in progress in parallel.
    I'm going to try to break it up more so it can better represent more green of what parts of the vision is already done.

    might do like yellow for in progress things
  4. yeah, cause old post is old!
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  5. Every bit of info in the OP is still valid....
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  6. yes, old things are still valid. you are still valid aikar!
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  7. Post has been updated, some new sections added. color codes added.
  8. Awesome, Aikar! More is to come in the near future!
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  9. This is exactly the kind of thing I would enjoy doing in EMC, I sure as hell hope this comes true.
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  10. Are challenge tokens going to be the same thing as regular tokens?
  11. i think he answered this already, but good question
  12. It is the same thing, that's just the longer name for them.
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  13. What happened to all this? Was it all wishful thinking?
  14. Probably none of my business and I certainly don't know with certainty but I would guess part of it has to do with the rate of updates from Mojang and all the work necessary to try to keep up with that. Personally, I value the updates more than the rest.
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  15. What do you mean? One needs goals to work towards, no matter how long they take. The future has not yet arrived.
    In general, there is only so much one can accomplish with a hobby level of time availability. 100% of the staff team is either full-time employed or in school. The dev team should (and does) reprioritize when something else comes along that is either urgently important (such as a Mojang update), or is better for the long-term despite not being part of the original vision.
    It is worth noting, that the OP does not clearly define the prioritization nor any dates. Especially doesn't reflect changing priorities since the thread was last update 2.5 years ago. A quick scan, and I don't think any of the items are obsoleted necessarily - just that some could never be considered for addition till other projects are completed.

    Final note. Is that this isn't the original version of this thread. Fairly certain AntiGrief was on this list at one point, but now it isn't. Publishing this is more intended to communicate where the team hopes to take the server eventually in the future. Whereas if that future was kept private, it would certainly make grim the time between updates.

    At the end of the day. Each person must find and grow what makes Minecraft dear to them.
  16. YUP YUP I was just wondering if there was any headway and if these goals are still being worked on. Since I have not seen any progress reports. LOL
    I'd like to see some kind of continuous on screen indication that "buildmode" is active or not, like a red and a green light near the HUD would be nice. It might be hard to do but a way to tell what blocks you put down have "buildmode" protection applied.
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  17. im going to be that person an bump this thread... is there an updated list anywhere that is more updated than this? the current dev status on the homepage sidebar still shows 1.17 as the current focus but unless there are still bugs, not sure what is next. happy turkey day too :)
  18. Is there an updated list? Not really. We need to update the sidebar. In general, my short term priorities are 1.18, finishing a dev update from Moople, and Empires.

    After that. I am not sure what the future is going to bring. In my opinion, some visioning work to more clearly define the future is needed.
    I would not consider this list a reliable reference for ordered priority at the moment.
  19. I wholeheartedly support this. For the longest time the list of big overarching projects has started and ended with Empires (of course, if you ignore dragon tombs), so it would be great to see a vision that extends past the completion of this project.
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  20. I would say this sounds too optimistic, but maybe more of an idea about where EMC could go beyond Empires would motivate to work on Empires.