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  1. Im starting a shop standards system that shops can choose to be rated by almost like a Zaget or a Merchants Guild not that it is a guild more of a rating system another way to look at it the Better Business Bureau. I need 5 board members to help create standards. To apply fill out this Google Doc Application. Please Give Me a Response Below
    The title is Essrs EMC Shop Rating System
    Typo in the Title
    EMC Shop Standards Rating System
  2. Yeah i know
  3. I'm a bit confused... will the board members rate the shop? or will everyone?
  4. Board members make guidelines for the rating system then a staff member will go through a rubric of the guild lines then we base a scored off of them
  5. Hmmm. I think a better idea would be to have a review place, as 'standards' can get confusing. For example, one could say "well, /shop is great and the prices are fair" and then everyone's prices would be considered shockingly cheap. It would be better if it was how it is on iTunes and other sites where you can write a review and give the shop a star rating.
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  6. It is like a review system not about prices but about if it is keep in stock the style customer loyalty
  7. Ahh, I understand. But a general review board would be nice as well.
  8. ok nice idea
  9. Did the form :)
  10. Cool once we get like 10 people applying then I will decide
  11. This is an Old thread I found while researching for a beter busines thread. I was wondering If anyone keeps tabs on how friendly shop owners are. Ok, maybe you want to play games like run through the store and dont stop for to long or you will be put in a box by the owner. Some might like that. Some might like Seeing what is there, stopping to deal with real life things like phone calls, dogs, kids, ect... and then continuing to shop. Perhaps this could be known befor we lay out thousands of rupees to the shop owner.

    Personally, I would rather give my hard earned rupees to a small shop owner who lets me shop, not watch my back and hope I can get what I want and get out without getting caught.

    This is the conversation with the shop keeper when I got back from AFK. I did not think to screen shot till I got back to my res. sure I can tp away but why am I being trapped at a shop?

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  12. nice necro post lol, also chill it's not really that big a deal -.-
  13. Why do I need to Chill? This person put items up for sale on their res. I went on their res to make a purchase. I went afk for a minute after making purchases, and return to find the res owner saying this is an unfriendly place to go AFK and is boxing me up.

    I did not give this person a hard time for waht he did in my post. All I stated is that if the store is about fun and games and hide-n-seek and no AFK allowed or whatever maybe it should be posted somewhere. I was into shopping, not a simulated PVP situation.

    He (the shop owner) is the one who told me that it was an unfriendly zone and boxed me in. Upon finding out all this I left and now I am trying to find out about a listing about shops and shop owners and I am being told to chill.
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  14. There can't be a neutral rating system or review system for shops or you'd get absolute loads of people saying "This shop is the best and it's stocked and cheap!" when in reality the shop sucks more than a Tootsie Pop and that person was just the owner's friend or they want to review it for lols.

    The only thing you can do in this small of a community where you can't get an objective sample size is have general reputations among the public where a lot of people can agree on certain shops that are good and ones that aren't. A review system without lots of people participating in it is bound to be biased and unfair.

    Yes I know this post is old but my input still applies.
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  15. Acemox2k you should do your shopping with the shop friendly owners on SMP2, there are malls and small shops that all have great owners and well stocked. A short list the Horseshoe mall, SSRC Mall, Poofasaurus shop, sometime I know Alexchance will return to us and re-open 4005, Leowaste at 3456, Merek_Shadower has a shop, AZHamster (wow that may be a little longer than short :p. Anyway stop on by SMP2 and spend some Rupees with us. -APC
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  16. Damn this means a lot to you doesn't it XD listen, if you got boxed in all you have to do is just tp to his res again. Then omg you're not boxed in anymore! ez! then if you afk again and he boxes you in again, you just tp out again! pretty soon his res is full of boxes! it's really not as much a problem for you as it is for him.
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  17. I did not know I had to accept being hassled at a res with a store. I did not know that you were of the opinion that I should accept that I am looking for information on shops BUT ,you want to continue to show how i should just put up with him, his treatment AND people like you.

    If you have something INTELLIGENT to share that is related to the TOPIC of this POST, Information pertaining to shops and owners, please post, if not... I think you can figure out something else to do.
  18. calm down sir, no need to be rude. I was only trying to tell you that you were overreacting a bit. I've helped you out before, so I'll go figure out something else to do while you deal with him, his treatment, AND people like me.
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